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Are You Active Enough To Rock This World?

It have been so long and I am happy that I am back again with so much of passion to blog about The Message of a Master. The reason that I took such a long time to return was well...actually my father passed away on 22ND May. It took me some time to settle off some important matters which is related to my dad. Everything seem to be fine now especially my mom. She will get well soon as strong as me. All right now let us get back to business. Now what do I mean by being active. Let us break it down to tiny particles.

Let us see the definition of Power Word Activity. The very well accepted meaning of activity is the state or quality of being active in desired work. This is the most important part we must give attention too. The important thing that one must give focus is being active in desired work. Being active is very simple and it is related with the previous power word given which is Energy. From where do we get sufficient Energy for being active in pursuing goals and desires in doing any work? It is called passion which fuels the mind to direct it and to be active in achieving our dreams.

Let me share a bit about my ACTIVE story. My mom used to complain about me to my neighbor that I am not being active in sports since my 12TH birthday. My neighbor was surprised and she thought it can be something abnormal with me but she never thought for a moment why exactly since my birthday I became inactive in sports.

The reason could be nothing else than a Gameboy that my mom bought for me for my birthday. It is so simple. I put my whole attention and energy to the thing that I love which is games where I skipped my breakfast and even lunch. Even there is a time I never go to school for a whole week. It took my mom some time to find the reason why and she managed to control me( she crushed my Gameboy).

Simple as that. Where attention goes, all our energy flows and we become active or super active. Being active is not a gift it is actually a state that can be achieved by any human mind if induced with correct and right instrument or medium. Mine when I was so young was video games. My mom used that to make me finish my work. I will be super active in finishing up my works so that I can enjoy later. The fuel or the Energy for me that made me to be super active was the feeling or hope that I will be able to play games if I complete my work so I instruct my mind to be active and finish the work.

How to induce activity? Do you want to be super active? This is where The Message of a Master comes to your aid. Now take a very silent place. For each of us being active means different thing so what you do is to choose in what area you want to be active. It can be your workplace or anything and the choice is yours.

Now just sit erect and try not to move for few moments well this is not a free yoga lesson or meditation class but this is how you can induce activeness. Close your eyes and see yourself as....spirit. Yes as spirit not as Joe, Adam, Angelina Jolie or Michael Dan. See yourself as a spiritual being who is capable of achieving or inducing anything and then proceed with the visualization and the induction of the miraculous feeling of being active. Feel it. See yourself as moving as fast and crazy as you can. Just see it and feel it. I believe you will start to perspire if you do it correctly for fifteen minutes. This is a great and powerful word to be impressed within. I will be writing about Power Word 23 which is Vitality on my next post. Meanwhile I wish you the best in being active in pursuing your goals and desire. The hidden truth behind this word is to avoid procrastination. I never mention this word because seed sprouts when there is enough supplements. I want you to reap better seeds that is the reason why The Master asked us to impress with Activity to avoid procrastination. I heard you telling The Master is genius. Thank You. Enjoy your day.

Wish you Happiness.
The Message of a Master


  1. Where our attention goes, our energy flows. I like that Michael :) Ryan

  2. Yeah thanks a lot Ryan...very simple phrase but has a deep meaning within. Thanks for the comment Ryan

  3. Great to see you are back Michael. :)


  4. Yeah thanks a lot Liam it was for my father I took some break to take care of him. Well he is no more now anyway Happy Father's Day for everyone. Thanks Liam. Have a nice day


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