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What Makes Donald Trump To Be Unbeatable In Real Estate Business? [ Video ]

What Makes Donald Trump To Be Unbeatable In Real Estate Business? Can you find the answer for it? If you tell me that you really do not know who is Donald Trump, I would sell my blog to you for free( do not take it seriously). Get back to the topic, Donald Trump is the famous real estate developer , a billionaire, a celebrity, a golf player, The Apprentice Host, and you name it more...Whatever business deals that he put himself to it , for sure it will reap the profits $ to him. He is a people magnet too. Many people are his fans even me myself. I simply like his shows and speeches. Now the question is, what makes this guy who owns casinos and hotels to be so magnetic and powerful in his business?

There is only one simple answer....
Nothing else could make him special than his Mental Attitude. He has his very own success traits whereby he never gives up no matter what happens. He has a very good success blueprint in his case he has a billionaire mind. He had created a very good and posi…

What Is STOPPING You From Attaining Your Desires and How To Handle Them

What are the things that is stopping you from attaining your dreams and desires? Are they big enough to scare you off? Do you hold your dream back just because of tiny reasons? Do you really can find out or not the "THINGS" that is stopping you from attaining your dreams and desires? This post is going to help you on finding the obstacles that are blocking you from attaining your goals. There can be many reasons for each individuals on why they are being static even when they have a goal to be fulfilled. Many can see that or some maybe will be fooled by their daily routines to find out what is stopping them.

Why there are obstacles on your way to success?
This is an important question that you must ask yourself. Why there are obstacles and tiny little pebble shaped problems blocking your way to success. There is one little secret answer to it. It is the Newton's 3rd Law. Every action has an opposite reaction to it. This same applies to our life and success too, whereby eve…

Do You Have All The 10 Traits To Be A Successful Leader

-Management is doing things right; leadership is doing theright things.Peter F. Drucker
The quote itself has so much of knowledge which makes clear of a leader's responsibilities. There are some things that leaders must posses and have in themselves to give out the best to nation and also followers. To make a long story short this post discuss about the main traits of a successful leader. Here We Go. If you can please take a pen and paper to note the traits that you have and the one that you don't.

10. Leaders can inspire others easily.
A very good leader is capable of inspiring his followers easily with massive amount of energy. This is a common trait that many leaders possess. This is very important trait that a successful leader must have because there will be a moment where a leader will face situations in handling his followers whom lacks of motivation and confidence. The leader must be ale to inspire them to make them get back to work.

9. Leaders don't tell people how t…

12 Reasons Why You Are Not Happy

This is not a how to get happy easily in life or ways to get happy article. This is going to be the reasons why you are not happy in your life. There are many people wandering around on how to be happy. Their goals on that day to be happy but they are lacking something. This can be you too, the one looking for happiness. Hope the reasons can help you to be happy in life. Here We Go.

12. You are a mobile worry machine.
There is a specific reason I am telling this because there are people out there who keeps worrying about (almost) everything. They really found that they are unable to control their habit of worrying until they realize that they have lost their happiness.

11. You do not have a healthy physical body.
This is where many starts to lose their health because of bad habits. They become so ill because of worry and tensed over smaller things. These stress and worry swallowed their happiness until their life is empty without them. It is true that healthy body will give space for heal…

7 Healthy Habits That Can Add Extra Years To Your Life

It is true that there are some secrets to live life longer and enjoy it. Many are unaware of healthy lifestyles and healthy habits that can add extra years to their life. Even you reading this post also might not be aware of the secrets to longevity. Today I will share some of the main healthy habits that you can start to adopt in life to live longer. Here We Go.

1. Never ever skip your meals
This is very important if you want to stay healthy and young forever. There are some main reasons for you to adopt this habit. Research shows that one of the main reason for people to have cancer is because of skipping their meals. This will be able to cause great harm to us. We are earning money for one of the purpose whereby to eat. So, there is nothing wrong in giving importance to that. Next time set alarm for you to eat at time. Please. For me...

2. Fall and stay in love
This is something wonderful to do. Anyone can adopt to this habit easily if you are willing to. Love is something wonderful a…

Colonel Sanders Knows How To Be Persistent, How About You?

I can give you a very good suggestion for you to have your lunch. What do you think about KFC ? How about the crispy and delicious chicken best served all around the world. Just think of the advertisements that makes us to spend our dime there at Colonel Sanders' Restaurant. Many really knows quite a lot about him. He is not only the founder of the famous restaurant but he is also the inventor of the famous Kentucky Chicken recipe.

Why we must learn from him to be persistent?
There is only one strong reason that I can tell. The sweet success story of him is so magnificent that no man on his age could withstand so much of pressure and pain to reach the top to fulfill one's earnest desire. His desire was very strong at the age of 65 whereby he desired to sell his chicken recipe to a restaurant and earn from it. Many people at his age will be enjoying the retirement period but he was broke at the moment and had the desire to stand by his own to reach the top. Personally, I believe…

Discover How You Can Buy Happiness With Money

There are many things happening in this world and no matter what happens the purpose of human being stays same forever. It is the need for happiness. Whatever we do we are looking for our personal satisfaction whereby it is happiness.

Why Buy Happiness With Money
There is only one and definite reason. We can buy anything that we want in this world with sufficient amount of money but why you want to buy happiness. Whether there is a lack of food or not there are people lacking of happiness in their lives. I personally believe that happiness is very important for every human beings because whenever we are happy we will project positive thoughts and will take positive actions thus our life will be harmonious.

Is It True We Can Buy Happiness With Money?
Yes, It is TRUE. The idea and the concept is very simple. There are many things that we want in this world so as I said earlier happiness is one of the need that human look for without his awareness. It is something so special that gives good …

12 Inspirational Quotes Worth Reading

Here I have collected some of famous inspirational quotes that can inspire you in seconds after reading them. I have covered from Health, Wealth, Courage and more. Now Let us head straight to the quotes. Let us begin from Courage.

12. Courage
A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on.
- Anonymous11. Failure

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.
- Thomas A. Edison

10. Health
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.
- Irish Proverb 9. Leadership

The test we must set for ourselves is not to march alone but to march in such a way that others will wish to join us.
- Hubert Humphrey, U.S. vice president, senator

8. Love
No fate is worse than a life without a love.- Mexican Proverb
7. PurposeTo understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.
- Kahlil Gibran

6. Self-Improvement

Sow a thought, and you rea…

5 Life Changing Lessons That You Can Learn From 'Yes Man' The Movie

This movie was released last year but why it is related with life and personal growth? It is really a magnificent movie if you are able to extract some important keys to live life happily. Therefore, let me do the work for you. I have analyzed the movie and learned many important keys to live life the way we want. If you haven't watch the movie yet then read the plot of the movie here. I will explain the lessons and at the end of each lesson I will describe how we can implement in our lives.

All right now let us begin.

Lesson 5 - Do not let your past to take control over you.
This is the Ultimate lesson that I learned in this movie. In Yes Man, Carl will be deeply affected with the divorce and his previous relationship. He let this event in his life to take control over him by avoiding his friends and lock himself equipped with some DVD movies to kill off his time at his apartment.

What you can do: If you really have so much of pain especially your past life, then this is the time for…

Discover Your True Passion In Life Without Really Trying

This is a must read post for you if you really feel that you are the edge of life in trying to discover the true passion which strives hard to be expressed deep inside of you. Many have been spending their lifetime by wandering around without being able to discover their true passion in life. Some eventually will leave this Earth without accomplishing their mission in life. Basically we are here for an unique purpose to be fulfilled. Many will realize this at an early age but still many are seeking for help to discover their purpose and passion in life. Even there are some who acclaims that they really live life passionately but they don't.

Let us begin with some easy ways that anyone can implement in their lives to discover their passion and purpose. I used all the steps and tips which I am about to share in moments. They really worked for so it is clear and true that they can work really well for you too.

Sometimes your family knows you well more than you do.

It is true for my dad …

5 Reasons Why You Must Overcome Addiction

Yes, this time it is about addiction. Addiction can be divided into two, one is psychological addiction and the other is bodily addiction. Most of us are addicted or in other word depending on something or someone without any limitation. There are many kinds of addiction such as sexual addiction, drug addiction, Internet addiction and even addiction to make money. Sometimes most people will think it will not bring any harm but there are some important reasons why we must overcome addictions in life.

5. You are listening to your body and not to your mind.

This is true because whenever we become addicted to something for an example addicted to drugs, our mind will be overruled by our bodily needs which is the sensation that we get by using drugs. Indirectly we are becoming a very weak person by allowing our mind to be controlled by our body which looks for petty pleasures.

4. It is against the law of nature.

When you realized that you are addicted to something, then you must realize another…

A Very Rare Video Of Napolean Hill Speaking About The Laws of The Riches

A very rare but one of the famous video of Napolean Hill, the author of the famous Think and Grow Rich book which was inspired by The Law of Attraction and Andrew Carnegie. Napolean Hill speaks about The Laws of The Riches and how to use them to direct our mind to gain riches in life in this video. Napolean Hill is a great mentor and self development author whom capable of inspiring millions of people with his only one book Think and Grow Rich. Alright, now enjoy this video and make sure you have a pen and paper beside you to write down the important Laws of The Riches. Have a nice day with Napolean Hill's Rare and Unseen Video.

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy During The RECESSION

Whether recession is hitting you and your career badly or not, it is affecting your health drastically without your awareness. The more you are worried about the economy and stressed out over the condition the greater will be the affect to your healthy body. Therefore, it is not possible for you to control the recession, I know you will be wishing for it but you can control something else, it's your lifestyle.

Your change in lifestyle positively can bring good health condition. Let us go through some of the ways to live healthily and happily during recession.

1.Meditation can kill your stress. When I said meditation please do not think hard of it. I am not advising you to take hourly classes (it is good actually) but you can sit in your room silently, focusing on happiness just for 15 minutes. Try to avoid unnecessary things while meditating.

2.Start exercising right now. Start to move your body right now. There are many possible chances of falling sick and getting diseases if you ne…