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5 Reasons Why You Must Overcome Addiction

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Yes, this time it is about addiction. Addiction can be divided into two, one is psychological addiction and the other is bodily addiction. Most of us are addicted or in other word depending on something or someone without any limitation. There are many kinds of addiction such as sexual addiction, drug addiction, Internet addiction and even addiction to make money. Sometimes most people will think it will not bring any harm but there are some important reasons why we must overcome addictions in life.

5. You are listening to your body and not to your mind.

This is true because whenever we become addicted to something for an example addicted to drugs, our mind will be overruled by our bodily needs which is the sensation that we get by using drugs. Indirectly we are becoming a very weak person by allowing our mind to be controlled by our body which looks for petty pleasures.

4. It is against the law of nature.

When you realized that you are addicted to something, then you must realize another thing which is you are going something against the law where you are harming your body by not controlling your mind and emotions. It is nature's law that our mind, body and spirit must be in harmony. We will start to face a lot of problems whenever we let anything to overrule another one.

3. You can never be happy in life.

You may think addiction is something normal in human life but it is actually something disastrous. It will extract happiness from your life. There is a very strong evident behind. Addiction is whereby we are depending on something to get the pleasure of it. Therefore, it is very obvious that you are putting all of your happiness on the thing that you are addicted. You failed to find happiness within you. This will cost you a lot. Think again.

2. It can cost you time and money.

It is true that addiction will cost your time and money because whenever we are addicted we will put our money to it or spend our time excessively. When we use or burn our time doing something unnecessary to our growth then it will cost us money to whereby we can use the precious time to make some good source of passive income.

1. You can never be your REAL Self.

Addicted to something without any limit? You better start to work on overcoming it because there are bigger things you are going to miss out in your life. Yes, it is the discovery of your real self. Whenever we are addicted to something, we are letting or giving in other word surrendering ourselves to the thing which we are addicted. This means we are letting the addiction to control us instead of we control ourselves to discover our true passion in life.

There are some positive addictions to where it is called addiction to success and happiness..but remember not to let is control you...hope you can see the REASONS why...

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  1. If you have any other extra reasons please share in comments at MySweetLuck....Thank You

  2. It doesn't really help you at all, in any aspects.

  3. Yes, I agree with you Michelle, why we must indulge in things which is not having a helpful end?

    Good one Michelle


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