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Colonel Sanders Knows How To Be Persistent, How About You?

colonel sanders black and white pictureI can give you a very good suggestion for you to have your lunch. What do you think about KFC ? How about the crispy and delicious chicken best served all around the world. Just think of the advertisements that makes us to spend our dime there at Colonel Sanders' Restaurant. Many really knows quite a lot about him. He is not only the founder of the famous restaurant but he is also the inventor of the famous Kentucky Chicken recipe.

Why we must learn from him to be persistent?
There is only one strong reason that I can tell. The sweet success story of him is so magnificent that no man on his age could withstand so much of pressure and pain to reach the top to fulfill one's earnest desire. His desire was very strong at the age of 65 whereby he desired to sell his chicken recipe to a restaurant and earn from it. Many people at his age will be enjoying the retirement period but he was broke at the moment and had the desire to stand by his own to reach the top. Personally, I believe he is the right person for us to learn about persistent and also his life story can be quite motivating.

What makes his life to be inspiring?
It is truth that Colonel Sanders was broke and alone at the age of 65. He was really mad at his condition and instead of blaming on society or the government he began to ask him life changing questions which changed his life of course. He asked himself, How I can be valuable to others? What I can GIVE back to people? What you would answer if you were broke and alone at the moment and the only thing that you have is only a very typical and delicious chicken recipe? Yes of course you would desire to sell it and make a living out of it. He did the same too. Nothing is easy in this world for bigger things that we wish to achieve in life need some big efforts too.

Did he managed to sell it? Where is the persistent part?
Alright I am so sorry for making you to wait for the answer. He did managed to sell it but not that easily. He should be alive now to see how much his effort had brought a big change to his life and this world. After making that decision to sell it he started to knock all the doors of restaurants with a hope to sell it. It took him TWO big years to sell the recipe. It was not that easy for he faced 1009 REJECTIONS before he heard his first YES. This is where he showed how to be persistent in life.

What he can teach us on being Persistent?
This part of his life he taught us to be persistent upon every failures he went through. Every time people reject him and his recipe he will never give up, instead he will think on different ways to make people say yes. The only word that he always wanted to listen was the word Yes. He changed his approach every times he failed and I believe most of us will get thousand steps backward if we were to be rejected more than 10 times but remember that he was rejected for 1009 times.

What you can do now?
Next time whenever you go to KFC and when you see his portrait picture please kiss it. I was kidding please implement his life story into yours. Have the desire to be the next Colonel Sanders whom persistently learns from his failures. He knew he was not failing instead he was learning and getting closer to be at the top. Life is magnificent it should be and it will be. I thank him for being an example for us.

I wish you Love and Happiness,

What are your views about his success? Please share in comments...


  1. I personally believe his life story is so amazing and suitable to be related with persistence. What are your opinions? What do you feel about him and his success?

  2. Persistence in working towards a goal you really want is required to reach it. The hard part is sticking to it when there are bumps in the road. Colonel Sanders never let obstacles stop him, his determination never faltered.

  3. Persistence and wanting a goal so bad that nothing stands in your way is critical. The Colonel had these two things in abundance.


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