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Discover Your True Passion In Life Without Really Trying

a very happy man
This is a must read post for you if you really feel that you are the edge of life in trying to discover the true passion which strives hard to be expressed deep inside of you. Many have been spending their lifetime by wandering around without being able to discover their true passion in life. Some eventually will leave this Earth without accomplishing their mission in life. Basically we are here for an unique purpose to be fulfilled. Many will realize this at an early age but still many are seeking for help to discover their purpose and passion in life. Even there are some who acclaims that they really live life passionately but they don't.

Let us begin with some easy ways that anyone can implement in their lives to discover their passion and purpose. I used all the steps and tips which I am about to share in moments. They really worked for so it is clear and true that they can work really well for you too.

Sometimes your family knows you well more than you do.

It is true for my dad helped me a lot in discovering the passion and talent in me. It should not be hard for us to find what we truly love but won't it be a difficult if we have so much of things that we love to do ( some people cannot see what they love ). The method and the idea is very simple. Ask each and every member of your family separately what do they see in yourself. Then if they are able to answer wisely, proceed with your talents and passion. This is how I found my passion about blogging about personal development through my Father. Besides that, you can have a general meeting with your family and ask everyone what do they think about your talents. You can identify by seeing how many members of your family gives the same answer.

Your peers can give you a hand too.

Now who said only family members knows you well? Your peers can judge and see the passion in you too. Most of the time we share our secrets with our friends or working mates. There are different ways to ask for their guide and help. The best thing that you can do let us say for an example at your working place, you can write a letter asking your peers to suggest you about you and your passion and talents in life from their aspect and perception about you. As I said earlier , see the highest similar passion by passing the letter to all of your peers and see the results for yourself.

Look at your past and forget the rest.

This is where you will be needed to do some room treasure hunt looking for no golds but gold mines which can give you everlasting wealth which is your past years journals or diaries. This can be hard for some whereby they will not have the habit of writing down important events that happened in their lives but they can do one thing, just try to find out through your memory or by anything that can dig your past to find out what was your talents and passion at that very early age.

It can life transforming once you know what you really want out of life instead of going with the flow in life. Life is wonderful, It Should Be and It Will Be. Wish you all the best on your pursuit to find happiness through your passion.

p.s remember that knowledge is power only when it is applied so, apply the ideas...

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  2. That is why we should be open to others' opinion and encouragement. Especially your family, they will never want the bad thing for you, so trust them more and feel enriched.

  3. Yes I totally agree with you Jonathan but still they can do harm to us without their awareness whereby they will support our ideas and goals even if there is a major leak...they will just try to make us happy....


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