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A Very Rare Video Of Napolean Hill Speaking About The Laws of The Riches

napolean hill black and white picture
A very rare but one of the famous video of Napolean Hill, the author of the famous Think and Grow Rich book which was inspired by The Law of Attraction and Andrew Carnegie. Napolean Hill speaks about The Laws of The Riches and how to use them to direct our mind to gain riches in life in this video. Napolean Hill is a great mentor and self development author whom capable of inspiring millions of people with his only one book Think and Grow Rich. Alright, now enjoy this video and make sure you have a pen and paper beside you to write down the important Laws of The Riches. Have a nice day with Napolean Hill's Rare and Unseen Video.

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  1. Hey Michael. How long did it take you for your first result to manifest using the simple method of the master?

  2. Hey Buddy, Welcome to MySweetLuck, Wish you have left your name, it's fine. Anyhow can you elaborate more about my first result? What do you mean by that? I can explain in detail if it is clear buddy....

  3. Hey. Thanks for the fast reply. What I meant was, how long did it take (i.e. 2 weeks, 1 month) for the first 'thing' you wanted to appear physically in your life, from the time you set it as a definite objective and visualized it, using the method given in 'message of a master'?

  4. Hey there Rawiri, you are welcome. Well for your answer to make it clear it depends buddy. The first time I tried to manifest 'The Secret' DVD years ago....I had some knowledge about The Message of a Master so as the Master said I followed him by setting it as my definite aim holding it in my mind, whipping my conscious mind by watching the trailer daily and visualizing how the documentary would be. Then in less than two weeks I got the DVD from my brother's friend accidentally. I was at home lonely and he came and he asked me to pass the video to my brother. The methods laid in the book really works BUT........BUT it depends upon each individual....REMEMBER it is not the time or period of manifestation but the depth and the amount of concentration. I hope you will achieve the 'thing' that you want and will reply me soon with your success Rawiri....Have a nice day.

    p.s.Thanks a lot for leaving your name...

  5. Thanks for the reply, Michael.
    To our success.

  6. You are Welcome Rawiri,
    To Our Success..


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