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What Is STOPPING You From Attaining Your Desires and How To Handle Them

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What are the things that is stopping you from attaining your dreams and desires? Are they big enough to scare you off? Do you hold your dream back just because of tiny reasons? Do you really can find out or not the "THINGS" that is stopping you from attaining your dreams and desires? This post is going to help you on finding the obstacles that are blocking you from attaining your goals. There can be many reasons for each individuals on why they are being static even when they have a goal to be fulfilled. Many can see that or some maybe will be fooled by their daily routines to find out what is stopping them.

Why there are obstacles on your way to success?
This is an important question that you must ask yourself. Why there are obstacles and tiny little pebble shaped problems blocking your way to success. There is one little secret answer to it. It is the Newton's 3rd Law. Every action has an opposite reaction to it. This same applies to our life and success too, whereby every tiny actions that we take brings closer to our success but at the same time there will be some opposing reactions based from our positive actions which actually helps us more to move forward in life with ease and faster. Everything that is stopping you from attaining your desires presents themselves because of one reason, It is the nature that asking you to move forward with your dreams and plans. You can understand more about the opposing forces of obstacles in this post.

Do you really know what is stopping you?
It is vital for you to understand and identify the exact problems which is holding you from achieving your goals. Do you really can identify them or not? Yes you can of course. You must have a goal in life actually you should. You can observe it in a day. Just wake up normally and promise yourself that you will observe what you are going to do the whole day honestly. Then take a notebook ( I know it's hard) and spend whole day with the book beside you all the time. Observe yourself how many times you are drifting away from working on your goals. Observe and note clearly the things which are stopping you from attaining your dreams and goals in life. This should be easy if you are being honest with yourself. I tried this method and I found that surfing the Internet was stopping me a lot to work on my goals.

Now what you can do next?
Get a notebook and pen right away and start to observe yourself. The best thing that you can do to yourself is observing you true self. It would be so much of fun and interesting for I found that the most interesting people in this world is ourselves.

How if you really know what is stopping you from attaining your dreams?
There is only one thing the effective thing that you can do to handle them. Make a written promise to yourself on overcoming whatever obstacles that can be handled and place them where your eyes can meet them most. I really found in my life that when I work on being honest to myself I will accomplish whatever I want. I have never missed out anything by promising myself to do so because I really do not wish to cheat myself. I will feel guilty for doing so. You can try it out by making a very little secret promise to yourself.

The alternative way to handle them...
Tell others that you will work on your goals no matter what stops you. This works for some when they deeply felt that they must accomplish their goals for they have informed this world what do they intend to do. It would humiliating if they never work on their goals. You do not have to push yourself hard. Just be soft to yourself and work on them....

I hope after this you can find out what is stopping you and kick it out of your life by making it as an opportunity for you..

I wish you Happiness and love,

p.s. ideas will work for you only when you work on them, hope you got it.....
Do you have any thoughts on what is stopping you from attaining your dreams and goals? If so please share them in comments...Thank you for sharing


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