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8 Ways Your Faith Can Be Weakened Easily

In previous posts we discussed on building faith easily but have you been aware or not that your faith can be weakened too? There are many factors which can affect the strength of your faith. Faith is nothing else that an emotion. Emotions are subject to change according to surroundings and some other factors. Now let us head straight to the factors that can change or weaken your faith. Here We Go.
1. Lack of confidence.
This is something that you must agree with yourself. When you are lacking confidence you will not have faith in anything that you do eventually you will loose faith upon yourself. If you ever wondered on building confidence, click here.
2. Criticism
I know that criticism does affect your peace of mind. It really does affect your peace of mind for I know it well because I went through the same. Life was really like living in hell when people complained about my works or business ideas. It was knocking my head off. I know that it will break off your faith easily. So don'…

7 Ways To Build Faith Easily and Have Fun Doing IT!

In my previous post, I discussed about the importance of having faith upon yourself. In this very special post, I will share some ideas and ways to build and maintain Faith easily and have fun doing them. If you never had chance to read my previous post then click here. All right now to make a long story short, there are tonnes of ways to maintain and build faith in life. It depends on the character and personality of a person on how the methods can suit them. If you, reading this post now is a kind of fun addict person, then methods that involves fun will suit you the best. Let me share some of the methods that I use often to build faith easily. Here we go.

1. Praying
There is nothing religious about this. There is science behind this. When we pray for something, we will let go off worries and put Faith upon God. Our mind will be free from doubts and our faith will be strengthened. (Additional Fact- Praying together with your spouse can reduce the chance of getting divorce)

2. Use Affir…

Building Faith - Do You Have Faith Upon Yourself ?

There is one thing that you can give importance to your life to attain everything that you desire. It is called Faith. There are many descriptions for this Power Word but the power and the effect of applied Faith can be so amazing. Many are not realizing the power of faith in life. There are many stories untold to mankind about this five letter word which changed the fate of a country. It is called India.

A Story of Independence
Mahatma Gandhi can be the right example to show you what is faith. He had nothing with him but only one definite chief aim which is to gain Independence for his country backed by a strong faith. That Faith moved him forward. It gave him Courage, Resources even support from the nation. People was able to see his vision and they strengthened his faith by giving support and help. Life would be simple and easy when you faith upon yourself. This miraculous story of Mahatma Gandhi should be able to inspire you to build faith upon yourself.

What is Faith Actually ?

10 Thomas Alva Edison Quotes That Is Worth Reading

1. Courage
Be courageous. I have seen many depressions in business. Always America has emerged from these stronger and more prosperous. Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith! Go forward!

2. Productivity
Being busy does not always mean real work. The object of all work is production or accomplishment and to either of these ends there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing.

3. Genius
Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

4. Failure
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

5. Infinite Laws
I know this world is ruled by infinite intelligence. Everything that surrounds us- everything that exists - proves that there are infinite laws behind it. There can be no denying this fact. It is mathematical in its precision.

6. Work
I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun.

7. Opportunity
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is d…

7 Daily Habits That Can Bring You Closer To Health and Wealth

There are good and bad habits that we possess in our lives. You may have some good habits which can bring you closer to health and wealth. Knowledge can be power but applied knowledge is true power. You may have the knowledge of building good and positive habits that can help you to live long but only if you apply them. Same is going to be here. I am going to share 7 daily habits that can bring you closer to health and wealth in life. Why only 7 habits? For I do not wish to make it complicated for you to apply them. I will share some simple habits which can give fruitful results to you. Here We Go...

1. Take your breakfast daily.
This is very important for your health if you wish to live long. Many are skipping their meals especially their breakfast and they are not aware of it's dangers and consequences. Honestly it can be fatal for you. Skipping breakfast can be one of the cause for stomach cancer. What will happen if you spend some time taking your breakfast which can add extra y…

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful Yet

Most probably you have been wondering why you still cannot attain your goals or discovering how to be successful in life and career. If you are at this stage then do not worry for you are not alone. This post is going to help you to figure out the reasons why you are not successful yet whether in life, career or relationships. Let me go through each reasons and define clearly how do they affect your life to achieve your dreams and desires to be successful in life. Why you must find out the reasons? This is how I changed my life completely. I discovered the reasons why I am not being productive in another word I found the reasons why I am not achieving my goals. Using what I found, I worked on turning them to my profit and I am living a pleasant life now. All right now check out these reasons...

1. You cannot stop complaining.
I went through this problem and I can tell you honestly that it was not easy to overcome it until I realized how it was affecting my financial future. I was compla…

The Strange Familiar Courage is Song With Lyrics [VIDEO]

What is Courage? - Acting in spite of fear, taking actions while holding fear in mind, overcoming and encountering dangers.

I have been stumbling around for few days and I watched a very good video song with lyrics which has a very good meaning within. I learned quite a lot about Courage after listening to it. Before you watch this video, what is you own perception about Courage? Do you feel that it is important to your life or not? If yes, then how you can implement it in your life? You can ask yourself tonnes of questions based on Courage. I believe that understanding what is Courage in your own perception will help you to build Courage in life. I learned a lot from Courage Is Song lyrics by The Strange Familiar.

The moment I watched this video and the lyrics of Courage Is song, I wish to thank The Strange Familiar a lot personally. For me, song like The Courage Is are crucial to be stored in your Ipod and Phones for they personally inspire me a lot.
To make a long story sh…

What Bruce Lee Can Teach You About Goal Setting

What exactly Bruce Lee can teach us on goal setting? There are many things that we can learn from this Ultimate Legend of Kung Fu but what really captivated me was his ability to set goals and achieve them by using affirmations. If you want to learn more about Bruce Lee, check this out. He mastered this technique which he learned from a self development guru, Napolean Hill, the famous author of Think and Grow Rich. As many are aware of this famous book, there are some important principles Napolean Hill taught us in this money magnet book. One of the main important money rule that he taught us was setting goals. We can see this in A Definite Chief Aim chapter where he will give a six steps rules to set goals easily.

Now how does Napolean Hill related to Bruce Lee.
They are cousins actually. Do not get surprised for they told me personally. There was some kind of blueprint error. All right enough of nasty jokes it is serious time. They are related as master and student. Napolean Hill in h…

13 Romantic Ideas That Can Blossom Your Love Life During The Recession

Happiness is very important in our lives. A very healthy relationship is very very important to life. The most important thing ever could be is being romantic during the recession. For I have seen many people beginning to divide attention and focus more towards survival. They without their awareness putting their love life at stake. Remember that divorce is expensive we wish to indulge in healthy relationship and habits that can make us feel much more healthier. Many are not being romantic actually they are, but they are switching or putting aside their lovely personality for their financial future. In this post I am going to provide some suitable romantic ideas that can be done during the recession. Let me share some of the simple , cheap, effective, and sensual romantic ideas for you. Here We Go.....

1. Massage each other.
When was the last time you gave your spouse or your lover a very good and relaxing massage? Seem to be a very long time? Go now!

2. Have a picnic together at an uniq…

A Very Inspirational Commercial That Will Change Your Life [ VIDEO ]

I am not boasting or promoting this commercial but seriously I believe it can change your perception about love for it did for me. I had tears falling after watching it. Love is unconditional it should be and it will be. For the real Love which we can see in a child's eye. This commercial is about a girl on how she express her love. See it and Feel the Love. Enjoy this Inspirational Commercial Video...

Where there is love there is life.
Mohandas Gandhi

I Wish You Happiness and Love,

If You Never Do These 3 Things, Then You Can Never Be Happy

I have experienced in my life that after I do 3 little changes in my life, I began to feel and see happiness in abundance. I can get easily whatever I want most importantly happiness and love. I realized from my mistakes that by doing this 3 simple things my life began to change and happiness is no more a big deal. All right now what are these 3 things that I am keep on repeating? Do not worry for I will share them in this post. It really worked for me to be happy in life. I attained happiness in my life by applying the 3 simple things diligently. Now let us proceed to them one at a time.

1. Share your Love
I really experienced this and learned from a 4 year old kid. The incident happened few years ago when I was in a party. There I saw this little kid he was playing with candles. I said to him do not play with them for they are dangerous in an angry mood. He never bothered me and I was so angry. He was keep on playing with that freaking candles. Then I changed my approach. I start to s…

How To Live Long To Do More Good

This is a post on longevity where you can learn on ways to live long to do more good to others. Previously I have discussed about healthy habits that can add extra years to your life while on this post I will discuss about one single way to live long so that you can do more good.

Now Why Must Do More Good?
There is only one reason for it. For the world is seeking for Love and Happiness and I personally believe that doing good to others will give you the love and happiness that you need. If you do not believe then you can try it out for a day I am sorry just try it for an hour and you can see the changes and difference that you can get. What you can do is voluntarily help anyone by offering a service or help that will make them happy. You will have a very good feeling of happiness when the person thank you for what you have done. Everything that human express with the feeling of gratitude must be pure with love. So there is nothing wrong in doing good for the return of happiness and love…

Three Must Do Passive Income Businesses With Your Family

Passive Income Businesses is what you must look for during this recession. Whatever decision that you take to make your financial status to get stronger and stable at this economic level, Passive Income Businesses that you can do with your family must be your first priority. Why am I emphasizing on passive income businesses? There is only one reason for that, for the money will work for you instead of you working for the money. Now this is a bonus and fruitful ideas for you to indulge in family passive income businesses. Let us proceed with the ideas.

Idea #3. Health Based Network Marketing Business.
I know that the first blush that is going to be is that 'Network Marketing I really had enough' Remember that it is a business of system therefore it depends on the company that you choose. Choosing the right business is very important and the system must be so perfect and powerful. At this economic status many are having health problems due to a lot of pressure and tension. Health…