Monday, August 10, 2009

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful Yet

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Most probably you have been wondering why you still cannot attain your goals or discovering how to be successful in life and career. If you are at this stage then do not worry for you are not alone. This post is going to help you to figure out the reasons why you are not successful yet whether in life, career or relationships. Let me go through each reasons and define clearly how do they affect your life to achieve your dreams and desires to be successful in life. Why you must find out the reasons? This is how I changed my life completely. I discovered the reasons why I am not being productive in another word I found the reasons why I am not achieving my goals. Using what I found, I worked on turning them to my profit and I am living a pleasant life now. All right now check out these reasons...

1. You cannot stop complaining.
I went through this problem and I can tell you honestly that it was not easy to overcome it until I realized how it was affecting my financial future. I was complaining all the time whether it is society or government, I would never stop complaining about others. I forgot that I am the creator of my life. The decisions that I take is affecting my life. I got this realization and I immediately begin to change for I am happy so much that I had changed. Remember, complaining about your surroundings will never bring you forward for they will push you further to disaster. Life is very simple. What we think about is being created. Our thinking creates our actions. Think positive and good thoughts and the results will be pleasant. This is how I changed my life for no one has the power to control me.

2. You do not know what do you really want.
The other way around is that most people do not what do they want. They would be wandering around and thinking that success will fall to their hands. it is not that simple my friend. I was at this stage a very long time ago. I really do not what is that I want truly in my life. Then success was too hard to be seen in my life. I realized something is wrong here. I have been trying out all the businesses but nothing seemed to impress me for I realized that I was not able to discover my passion. I began to question myself what is too easy for me but difficult for others. Then my life began to change when I got the answer. Success will come to you when you truly know what is that you want. I have written a goal as Bruce Lee written and it worked for me so well. Finding out what is that you truly want is so important. Work on it my friend.

3. Never Ever Ever Never Ever Give Up!
Yes! This is truly important for I really learned a lot of lessons in my life after deciding not to give up. Never ever give up on your dreams and goals. If you give up, then what is the reason that you are here breathing each and every moment? Of course to achieve your dreams and desires. We are here to achieve everything that we truly want for I believe that is what the nature desires too. In the course of attaining your desires, you will face so much of obstacles and troubles. I know it is not an easy thing but I can be an example for you. I learned to make a firm decision that I would never give up in attaining what I want. Reading this post will help you to use obstacles to double your success growth.

There are many reasons why you are not successful yet but these are the main reasons which I discovered from my life's experiences and sharing with you honestly. I will share more of these in the future. Hope subscribing to my posting will be easy for you and you can do it here.

I Wish You Happiness and Success,

A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.
David Brinkley

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