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10 Ways To Get and Attract More Friends Like A Magnet

It is very important to have friends in our lives. I do not know about you but I have plenty of friends. Yes really even from different countries and regions. There are several vital reasons why we must have friends in our life and I will discuss that in my upcoming post. If you are interested, you can subscribe for new post notification via email. Click here to subscribe. By the way let us get back to the business. Today in this post I am going to share some of the ways that you can use to get and attract like minded friends easily like a magnet. I used them in my life and I am very proud that I have such big number of friends from all around the world. Here We Go to the 10 ways to get and attract new friends like a magnet.

1. Start Social Networking
Social Network websites really can help you a lot to find friends and keep them. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and there's heck a lot of websites.Just go to any search engines and look for social networking sites.

2. Facebook can get you 1000 friends through this method
What you can do to make this method work for you is go to Facebook and look for groups that might interest you and get the members to be your friends and start messaging them.

3. Join a football team
There are a lot of benefits of joining any sports team near your living place. You can get to know a lot of people and eventually will get closer with your sport mates. Join any sports team to build health and friends.

4. Smile at strangers
Something silly that you may think but this is truly one of the amazing way to get friends when you choose to get close with strangers which can be fun for some.

5. First look matters
I had this experience of going to companies to get some quotation by wearing casual attire. Well as you guessed everyone gave me that annoying look from up till down. I knew that I must change it. Next day I went there wearing blazers and I was shocked by the respect that I got. ( You do not have to wear blazer all the time ) but you can wear good looking dress.

6. Join in charities
This is the place where you will be needing to give love and care without any expectation. There is one thing that you can expect by involving actively in charities, whereby you can find new friends. In most cases you can find your true love too. All the BEST!

7. Start a salesman job
Whether you are doing this work to make money or not but trust me that you can get loads of contacts and friends by pursuing this profession.

8. Learn to smile and walk confidently
You must learn how to walk confidently by observing any of your role models who have the significant amount of friends and a very good social life.

9. Read a lot of books on personal magnetism
One of the author that I would recommend is Dale Carnegie. You can really learn a lot from him. Google his name.

10. Be - Do - Have
Before you start to get and attract friends, you must BE the person that you friends would Love to be with. You gotta DO what a true magnetic person will do. Lastly you can have all the friends that you want in this world.

I wish you the best,


  1. Very thoughtfull post on Personal Development . It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Positive thinking

  2. Thanks a lot Karim for the comments...

  3. Ok some of the steps are pretty vague, but they do give you some ground to work with and something to start with. On the social networking, maybe you could write a blog about how to effectively get friends on their with greater detail. Overall I like the groundwork on this attracting friends.


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