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Never Ever Ever Never Ever GIVE UP! [Derek Redmond]

Life can be really unexpected for all of us. We may be flying at the top enjoying the success that we have achieved in our lives. There are some thoughts that we have to keep in our mind. There are few lessons that we can learn in life. Most importantly, there are three things in life that we tend to forget which we must be aware of.
1. Succcess will not come to us or fall from the sky.
2. Once we attain Success, it doesn't mean that we'll never fail again.
3. When we fail, we gotta apply NGU to rise again.
Now what is NGU? Before I explain about it, let me say a few words about Derek Redmond.
Derek Redmond is a retired British athlete. You may be wondering why his name is coming to this topic. In 1992, Olympic Games in Barcelona changed not only his life, but millions of lives. Everyone was hoping that he is going to win the 400 meters semi final. He didn't because he tore his hamstring during the race. He managed to complete the race with the massive pain and love from his dad…