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3 Things You Can Do With Your Money Now to Double It

Money is the most powerful tool in this world. When you know how to use it wisely, the only thing that you will get is more of it. The knowledge of money is crucial that it must be instilled in the hearts and minds of children in schools of its importance. The idea that money is bad and evil is really a waste of energy and time. These people are energy drainers who will complain of external things that does not let them make more money but it is only they themselves holding them from growing financially free.

The only thing money will create is Happiness. It really does but the LOVE for money may bring evil. It all depends upon the user of the tool.

When a cop is given a gun to protect the people he will do his duty but what will happen when the gun is given to a psychopath? It will be disastrous. Therefore, it entirely depends upon the person whom handles the money. There are certain people good at savings and only in savings. They do not know anything more or less than that but only …

7 Greatest People Who Can Be Your Role Model or Mentor for YOU [CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE]

At a point in life, you will begin to think that you need some guidance regardless of anything. It is the moment where great realization and truth can be achieved through a series of actions that will be taken. Some will be looking for answers from their role models and mentors which can be the ultimate way of solving any problems.
Well it is not WHAT but WHO!
Mentor is a person who can be your guidance, a teacher, senior or a person who have done something that you intend to achieve. They have produced the results and they can be the right person to be looked after for solutions. Role models and mentors are simply a person that you intend to follow their foot steps to produce the same results that have been produced by them successfully. If you have asked yourself who is the greatest person in history? Who is the right person to be a business role model or mentor? I just want to say that you are welcome.
When it comes to business goals and success, I have pe…

World's Funniest Car Commercials Compilation [VIDEO]

As I was watching some funny commercial videos, my eyes stumbled upon this funny compilation of car commercials. It is pretty much clear that all the advertisements are relevant to cars. It is really funny and I had a great time to laugh out loud.
Have a great time

8 Powerful Business Quotes of Bill Gates: The Founder of Microsoft

If the world have seen one of the most powerful man ever alive, it could be BILL GATES. It is not the background that is being counted but the character, the mental attitude and the vision that is being pursued by him which is to improvise the educational system. He has some great thoughts in business and I would highly recommend to read his great book BUSINESS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT. The title itself can give you an idea that your business must be moving at high speed in customer service and also business development. I have some of Bill Gates' greatest business quotes that I believe to be very powerful. If you want to learn more about Success, then it must be from Bill Gates.
Here We Go!
1. As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.
2. I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot.
3. If you can't make it good, at least make it look good.
4. It's f…

If You THINK You are HEALTHY, Then THINK Again

Health is the greatest wealth that every Human being must earn and nourish it properly. Without proper health, you cannot do your thinking which is the world's most hardest but fruitful effort can be taken by any man on earth. The knowledge of real Health can only be attained through realization. Now what am I trying to tell by asking you to come back to think about Health if you believe that you are healthy already?
Well, you may believe that you are healthy enough from the aspects physical but how Healthy you are MENTALLY?
Is your Mental house full of pleasant 'furniture' and 'rooms' or is it too messy and dirty until you cannot wait to get rid of it?
What I am going to insist upon is your mental health. How healthy you are that when any person you may meet can feel the positive vibrations and get attracted to your vision, purpose and goals of life? Well if you can say yes to it, I would like to congratulate you but if you said know I would like to double congratula…


Knowledge and Wisdom can be attained from anyone or from any sources. They may look so unique or disguise themselves that you have to open your mind's eye to see them. As the knowledge gained after the realization of the TRUTH of it's origins, the Learner must be humble and diligent in applying it by not forgetting the source and feeling grateful for it. The ultimate truth that every being wants to find out is the source of HAPPINESS. They always will be looking at external sources and they outlook the ultimate TRUTH that HAPPINESS is from WITHIN. It has its ultimate origin. Happiness is merely in doing and being not in having. You may feel that you will be happy when you buy a brand new car. Your happiness is not attached to the car, it is inside of you but only that the ownership of the car unlocks the happiness inside of you.
Babies are great examples to look after in order to have supreme realization about HAPPINESS. They are so unique and adorable in a sense that you can …


One of my reader and loyal follower asked me a question about being IGNORANT. This is a whole new aspect that you will have to learn in order to understand the ups and downs of it. The problem that was hitting my reader is that her son whom is 23 years old is being very playful and ignorant of the real world. He seem to be enjoying playing with his gadgets but not studying. He seem to be acting like a stupid person where when things never turn around in a way that was expected, he would act foolishly.

My reader was in despair for she was not able to explain to the son of the fatality that being ignorant can lead a person to.

To say it in simple words, being IGNORANT can never make a person Happy, Rich and Healthy. There are some positive aspects of being ignorant but it is important to look on the other side of the coin as well.

Generally people assume that IGNORANCE is STUPIDITY. It is completely wrong.


Ignorant is simply a state where the mind tend to be …

Why You Cannot Achieve Your Goals If You Are Desperate?

Setting Goals can be a challenging task but achieving it can be even tougher especially when you are facing tonnes of rejections, obstacles, negative feedback and even your very own tiny little voice from your head asking you to quit. The mind that is really strong in a sense of focus and concentration will be able to face or go through anything in order to achieve what the heart or the mind desires. The idea is simple. How strong is your desire to attain the goals that you have set? If you have no doubts in answering YES then Congratulations my friend for you are way too near to attain whatever that you seek. When you are in doubt or thinking quite longer to answer it shows that you are nearing disaster. Sorry to say that but that is the truth. Therefore, many would be DESPERATE in achieving what they want but ending up losing everything and getting nothing. Being desperate in anything will not help you actually unless you are really sure that the ideal or the object is yours. Anyho…

Top 10 Reasons Why You Still Cannot ATTAIN SUCCESS

You, me and every single person on Earth have an ultimate purpose to be fulfilled. Some have realized it and actualized their Vision before their last breath but the majority of the people failed to do so and lost the track indulging in activities that serves no one beneficially. At a point there will be a time where the Human Mind will begin to open it's third EYE that can lead to enlightenment and eventually form a goal or a task that must be fulfilled. There will be a sense of purpose to wake up daily and perform the task. The goal maybe higher or very easy and achievable but it depends upon the character of the person that will decide the period of time taken to achieve. Will the road and pathway towards the goal will be easier? No Obstacles? Yes it will but still there will be a minor group of people willing to face it. At last there will be a certain group of people wondering no matter how many times they do something but all they are getting back is more and more failures. …

What a Zebra Can Teach You About Persistence? [VIDEO]

Seriously WHAT DOES A STRIPED ANIMAL KNOWS ABOUT PERSISTENCE? As I was looking for some interesting video to be shared with you in MySweetLuck, my eyes met this great video that really amazed me. It was about a zebra that was almost to be the victim or dinner for the ultimate predator a lioness. I really made a conclusion that the poor animal is going to die in a way that made me to stop watching the video. Then a small action by the zebra made me to see more of that and for my surprise, an incident that changed my whole paradigm about Life and Goals. It is where I learned that LIFE has to go ON and nothing could stop us if we have the DESIRE to LIVE life the way we want it. All that I would require would be a clear set of objective and the massive energy in a form of passion to attain the goal. Less words for now.
Watch it for yourself and please share your thoughts about this video.

Wish you Happiness and Love, p.s. Please share in comments your thoughts and inspirations about th…

10 Electrifying Health Quotes That You Must Read [QUOTES]

Health is the greatest WEALTH according to the great philosopher and thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson. Now how HEALTHY you are? Do you think that you have all th energy require to do any activities? Do you believe that you can fight all the diseases and stay healthy?
Based on my personal experience, what you really need to answer yes to those questions is the wisdom and the knowledge about Health which I am about to share now.
Here We GO!
1. To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.
- Buddha

2. Your body hears everything your mind says.
-Naomi Judd

3. A healthy outside starts from the inside.
-Robert Urich

4. I believe that how you feel is very important to how you look - that healthy equals beautiful.
-Victoria Principal

5. It takes more than just a good looking body. You've got to have the heart and soul to go with it.

6. Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.
-Carl Jung

7. People who don't know how…

5 Major Differences Between Yoga and Meditation

Knock Knock! Is there any differences between Meditation and Yoga? Here's the truth, Meditation is a form of YOGA too and therefore, they do have some differences that can be quite amusing.
First of all what is Yoga and Meditation?
Yoga is a very spiritual subject that originated from India and it is very close to Hinduism from the aspects of religion. Yoga is a way of communicating with your inner self in the form of some activities, breathing exercises and even through some postures. It is widely being practiced throughout the world regardless of race and religion.
Now What The Bleep is Meditation?
Meditation from another perspective it is spiritual subject too as Yoga but the way it is being practiced can be quite different. Meditation has no proper history or the way it was formed but there is one fact known in detail. Almost every religion talks about it and it is being practiced widely every where around the globe. Meditation is another way of attaining wisdom or the goal of getti…

How to Learn and Master any Language Within One Month? [SERIOUSLY]

It is really amazing whenever I realize the power of Language that enables me to share my thoughts with you no matter where you are and what you do. This is because I am writing in a very common language that is being used worldwide.

Seem to be at certain times we will be facing a circumstance to learn a new language which can be quite challenging but fun too.

Nothing BIG or SERIOUS METHOD is required to learn any new language for what you truly need is a strong sense of purpose to learn the language.

Everything can be summed up in only three steps to MASTER the Language completely within one month.

Here WE GO!


The very first thing that you have to do is to set a strong purpose why you must learn that particular Language because without a strong purpose there is no life and fuel to boost your will power. Follow this declaration that would remind you of your timeline of your goal and add on the purpose of learning the language.


Getting RICH and HEALTHY Can Never Be So EASY AS THIS

What do you want to have in abundant in your life?

What do you think will make you happy and bring happiness to others?

What is the greatest tool in this world?

What are the most precious treasure in this world?

I am not sure about your answer but based on my experience and opinion Money and Health are the most important ASSETS!

With Money you may not be able to buy HAPPINESS but you can DISCOVER and CREATE HAPPINESS out of money.

With a great HEALTH, you can always do more good to you and for others.

Now what can be the easiest way to get RICH and HEALTHY?

The answer can be summed up in only three words...



Is it positive, negative, static, energy drainer?

Ask yourself and be honest to change yourself.

What is your mental attitude towards your HEALTH and MONEY?

You must have good feelings towards the greatest ASSETS.

Now take this Declaration and follow it diligently.
Stick them on the place where your eyes will meet them often and read them twice before you begi…

3 Memory Techniques That Can Help You To Memorize Anything [ALMOST]

All of us have the same brain capacity and the only difference is the usage of the ultimate tool. If you have a memory problem please be HAPPY for you know that you are having a problem and you can solve it for sure.

There are people out there readily built with alibis blaming hereditary for their memory problem.

It is very easy to memorize almost anything.


All you need is just some simple techniques and a lot of practice.

Here WE GO!

This is a very simply method that can be as easy as chewing food. All you have to do is to separate the information given into tiny little groups and make them easier for you to memorize.

As this method will be easier to be used for long numbers such as telephone number.

I heard you sigh now that you have heard this method over and over again until you are fully sick of it. This is a very popular method that can help you to memorize any information easily.

The use of it and the effectiveness depends upon your imagination. Mnemonic…

5 Ways to Be Courageous as an One Man Army

Probably you have watched the box office movie Thor where the Ultimate tag line can boost anyone to be more courageous which is ' Courage is Immortal' Can you feel the power of the words?

I can definitely!

Of course to be courageous you do not have to be a God but all you need is one thing which is the right mental attitude to be courageous. It is just a form of feeling that any human being can generate at will.

You probably have to read that sentence again!

It can be generated at WILL!


There are some definite ways to achieve that but before that understand the fact that being courageous is not fearing anything it is actually the action taken in spite of having fear.


1. Prepare your mind for the battle
Realize the fact that you are powerful being with sharp mind that can achieve anything that it desires. Understand that nothing can stop you from achieving what you want in life.

2. Prepare your emotions for the battle
Once you are ready mentally it is time to p…

Inspiring Advertisement NOW YOU CAN [VIDEO]

It is very hard to find some inspiring advertisements but if you believe that you CAN find it, then you will.

We are trained to say no to challenges and obstacles but learning to say YES can be a very tough journey but really worth it to take it down!

Nobody can INSPIRE you better that you yourself but sometimes you will be needing an external aid or resources which can BOOST YOUR ENERGY LEVELS!

In this very meaningful advertisement by Edelweiss, you will learn the differences between CAN'T and CAN. I learned it and I am sharing with you now.

Learn it. Get INSPIRED!


Wish you Happiness and Love

Thought Provoking Quotes of Mohandas Gandhi [QUOTES]

Mohandas Gandhi is someone special. His name himself seem to be carrying great wisdom and power. No one until now in history was not able to recruit such huge mastermind team and supporters as he did to gain independence.
Reading some of his quotes can be so powerful and really thought provoking. You can attain wisdom just by reading his words.
Here we GO!!!

1. Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.
2. Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.
3. Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it.
4. I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.
5. Poverty is the worst form of violence.
6. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
7. Constant developm…

TOP 5 Lazy Man's Guide to Sleep and Grow Rich [ BUSINESS IDEAS ]

Probably you have heard of the ultimate book called THINK AND GROW RICH and trust me it is so powerful that it can change the way you think about yourself and money. Making money require special skills and knowledge that allows you to gain more and more but handling money itself requires a great skill too.

Now here we go with top 10 list of Lazy Man's Guide to Sleep and Grow Rich. It means that you can make money while you are sleeping once you have made the business to operate without you IN IT.


1. Mobile Car Wash
You can see cars everywhere and car wash can be quite competitive too. What you can do is hire a few young teenagers to offer mobile car wash services direct to their homes or offices at a very low price. Remember that when they cover more areas it means more MONEY!

2. Rental Business
With the power of Internet you can rent almost anything where there is demand for any products somewhere around the corner of the world. Utilize this great tool to come out with grea…

How to Change Failure into Success ?

Knowledge is power and what constitutes REAL POWER is the ability to change failures into success. The ability to use whatever life can throw upon you and take it for your growth is vital for survival.

Human is naturally good at one thing, survival. No matter how stiff the condition is, human have the power and ability to utilize whatever resources and also develop the required skills for survival.

Seem to be that survival is the ultimate mission, the human mind will always find ways to turn obstacles into miracles, challenges into opportunities and brick walls into stepping stones.

This where the ability to change failure into success is formed.

1. Identify what is the problem that is holding YOU
The problems, failures or the obstacles that is being faced or that have been faced must be defined clearly.

2. Analyze YOUR current situation
Deep analysis must be made to ensure the period or the duration of the problem that is being faced. How long the problem have been holding YOU and YOUR grow…

What BATMAN Can Teach You About Time Management? [ SERIOUSLY ]

Seriously time is a very critical matter that does not wait for us but we have to chase after. It is a very important aspect that must be used in a way that would serve beneficially. The moment you are reading this blog posting, you are spending your precious time to learn knowledge that would be helping you to improve your life drastically.

Do Not ask Me Who is Batman please

Now from where do Batman in Gotham City comes in aid to teach about time management. Batman is a DC Comics character that is one of the most successful superhero comic character which is now being adapted into movies as well. The character can be a very mysterious, serious, heroic and even masculine but what about time management?

But Batman and Time Management?

Here we go,

Batman or Bruce Wayne is a billionaire industrialist in Gotham City with the empire called Wayne Industries.

The finest aspect in Batman that I learned personally is that there is an efficient time management quality in that character.

Bruce Wayne d…


There is one thing more precious than Gold or Diamonds in this world, its failures.
This word is so powerful that it can lift a man from the ground to the skyline. Most people will fall to their knees when they are hit drastically with massive failures in life.
What they forget is that a key secret that was told by Napolean Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich and also The Law of Success - EVERY FAILURE BRINGS WITH IT AN EQUIVALENT OR GREATER SEED FOR SUCCESS
There is a very deep and hidden truth that cannot be told by can only be experienced in our lives. Experience the failure and see what benefits it brings to you. There are certain ways of analyzing the cycle of events in our lives.
One of the Powerful Way that I am still using is the FAILURE JOURNAL.
Failure Journal is a book or a diary that you can keep for yourself and note down every single failures that you have experienced in your life whether the effect of the failure is small…


Memory can be a very scientific subject but what we can do is that derive the ultimate meaning of memory and understand how it can be trained. The greatest and hardest labor in this world is THINKING. That is the reason why many do not indulge in it.

Therefore, having a clear understanding and importance of having a good memory is crucial.

As for the Lazy man's guide,

harnessing the power of the mind can be a very cool game. All you have to do is one thing, a clear understanding that mind can be trained and memory falls into that category too.

The methods that I am about to share is based from my personal experiences where I am proud to say that I am no longer having the problem of recalling.
Throwing it away would allow you to rely upon your mental capabilities alone where you will have to focus upon the list of goods. The more you do it the better you will be in recalling back all the things that is blocked deep within your brain.
It is not only applica…