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I am Ignorant of Disease. How About You ?

We can never learn the power of ignorance unless we apply them. Well that truly sounds crazy because I am encouraging you to be ignorance. Seriously, I am making real thoughts here for you to open your eyes and read my words. This can be something new or something that you have already expected from me. Anyhow it is my duty to share my thoughts.
One of my reader asked me about the concept of ignorance relating it with health.
This is a whole new concept for many people but trust me, many people are applying this even without their realization. The truth is that, people are so busy with their lives that they do not have time to concentrate on what they want or what they must have in live.
Happiness, Health, Wealth are the three most important gifts and treasure that must be kept safely. It has the tendency to grow if we nurture it properly. One of the way to nurture your mind and body to be healthy is by being IGNORANCE.

Being Ignorant of disease, poor health and sickness will make you and…

MySweetLuck's Introduction Video

A very special Introduction Video of MySweetLuck is here which I am going to use to welcome new readers. Hope you will Like it too. Share your thoughts and share this video if you like it too. Thanks.

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What are some of your favorite Inspirational Quotes?

I always enjoy reading quotes by famous people. Even some quotes from movies would be nice too. Now it is your turn to share with all of us any of your favorite quotes that is worth to be mentioned here at the comments section below. MySweetLuck welcomes you. Thank you. For a kick start, I would like to share my personal favorite which is by Henry Ford
-If you think you can or if you think you can't, either way you will live into your story.
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How by Being an Ignorant Person Can Kill You Fast?

Being a Ninny Hammer is not a gift but a sin. It is purely a sin because when you are being a foolish and ignorant person, you are not living your life to the fullest. When a person is not being able to live his or her life fully in a way that would fulfill their life purpose or soul, that person is dead. There are no benefits in being a foolish person except in certain aspects but generally it does not serve anyone.
The key to life is to live it in a way that would fulfill the real purpose of why we are here. Many was not able to find in until they reach their dead bed but the luckiest one not really got lucky but they worked hard to attain that level which helped them to realize their purpose.
The idea is simple. When you do whatever tasks that have been given to you and you are moving at a bullet train speed, you will be very near and close to your purpose and true passion.
Generally, by being an ignorant person, it really can kill you fast. There are several reasons.
1. You Will Not…

5 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Anniversary [WEDDING ANNIVERSARY IDEAS]

One of the greatest asset that you can ever build and keep for the rest of your life is a very good marriage and relationship with your spouse. The only way to get love is by giving them more without any expectation. If you can love your spouse and pour your feelings, emotions and love without any expectations, then you are on the right track towards paradise. Love is the most powerful emotion that Human can use it for their own advantage, the energy that can be attained by Love is really unlimited. It is where the transmutation of energy takes place. When you can see your spouse as your future and take every single decision by putting your spouse way before that, you can expect fruitful results.
A blessed wedding journey is not given but it is created with efforts from both sides. There is no point pouring love and it is not being received by your spouse. Whenever there is an outlet flowing out, there must be a stream to receive it. Generating more love is fun because the only way t…