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5 Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Anniversary [WEDDING ANNIVERSARY IDEAS]

One of the greatest asset that you can ever build and keep for the rest of your life is a very good marriage and relationship with your spouse. The only way to get love is by giving them more without any expectation. If you can love your spouse and pour your feelings, emotions and love without any expectations, then you are on the right track towards paradise. Love is the most powerful emotion that Human can use it for their own advantage, the energy that can be attained by Love is really unlimited. It is where the transmutation of energy takes place. When you can see your spouse as your future and take every single decision by putting your spouse way before that, you can expect fruitful results.

A blessed wedding journey is not given but it is created with efforts from both sides. There is no point pouring love and it is not being received by your spouse. Whenever there is an outlet flowing out, there must be a stream to receive it. Generating more love is fun because the only way to generate more love is by LOVING yourself. When you begin to Love yourself you will be able to pour the excess of it to others. Wedding Anniversary is the day that reminds you that your journey has just begun. You both still have a long way to go. Marriage is not a destination or decision, it is a journey that every single human being must experience. Now let me share some of the creative wedding anniversary ideas that will spice up your relationship.

Here We GO!

1. Prepare for a SURPRISE HONEYMOON!

This is the trick! Act like that you have forgotten your wedding anniversary and pretend that you have no plans for it or interest to talk with your spouse. There will be a moment where your spouse will lose the temper and will ask you directly that why you have forgotten your day and all you have to do is to inform your spouse to go to the bedroom and remove the bedsheets. Beneath it, hide your Honeymoon brochure or ticket which is beautifully wrapped. Last part, expect a very sweet KISS!

2. It's OUR DAY!

Take a decision together to take a leave and not to do anything but only to do things together. Let go of every single thing that would distract you both and spend good time together. Switch off your phones and go for movies, shopping, massage and anywhere that you both can have fun. The idea is to spend one whole day together and record them in a camcorder. It would be a perfect gift.

3. Time to COMPOSE A SONG!

Get ready now to write and compose your very own songs about your spouse and the love that you have been sharing throughout the journey. The song can be composed easily if you include some sweet memories that you both had together. Do not worry about your voice and the composition but what it matters is the heart and love that you are sharing with your spouse which is eternal. Get some of your friends or a local band to prepare the tune for your song and bring your spouse out to a local restaurant or bar where the band will invite you to sing the surprise song. Trust me it will be mind blowing!

4. 365 REASONS!

Write a long list of 365 reasons why you love your spouse! You can use your creativity in adding some sweet memories that you had together which will add the extra smile. The idea is to fascinate your spouse with the hint that you have been loving your spouse in 365 different aspects and ways throughout the year.

This is something new. All you have to do is probably you can start a blog and create a fan page for your blog which is about you and your spouse. Ask your friends, family and members of Facebook Friends to become your fan. It would be so special to see the fans expecting your wedding anniversary.

Ideas can be great but it will only work when you work on it.

Wish you Good Luck, Happiness and Love,


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