Friday, October 31, 2008

Meaning of Intelligence-Power Word 13 - Intelligence

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Definition: Manifestation of a high mental capacity.

This word is highly related to the Power Word 11 which is Understanding.Now this word will be clearer when it is compared and related with the Power Word 11. Now it have been said that the meaning of Power Word 11 -Understanding is the power of intelligence or the usage of logical power. Now the meaning for Intelligence is the manifestation of higher mental capacity. Now all of us must remember that it is vital for us to move forward in life this the truth of life. The idea behind this word is we must impress our being upon this word to attain intelligence in other words a higher mental capacity. This is very important because with higher mental capacity we can be a good observant and can use almost all the tools for our needs or for our desires. It will also allow us to understand The Truth easily. Impress and feel the intelligence within you, within your cells which is always performing the best deep inside you. Use this word to heal any disease by feeling and believing that all your cells are intelligent and they are performing their best to get back to their normal condition in other words to be perfect again. This may be a simple word but it really can help us to heal and to maintain a healthy body if you persist upon impressing this upon your self.

All the best and I wish you Intelligence.
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