Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Is Non-Resistance Actually? Power Word 7 - Non - Resistance

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Definition: Not resisting any bad forces.

This is very important for us to give attention because when you resist more the thing will be drawn towards you more or easily and even after actually. Based from The Message of a Master book by John McDonald, The Master said that we must not resist anything that we do not like and he also said not to bother or concern about things that we really do not wish or desire. In The Message of a Master book, he also insist that me must not even give energy, focus and attention in a revengeful manner towards someone because all of our energy will be directed towards him/her and our forces will be drained without any benefit.

The idea is very simple just focus on good things and accept beautiful things in your life. Never ever give attention to such bad news, negative people and also energy drainers. Try to read The Message of a Master as many times as you can and focus more on the resistant part the final part of the book.

The best way to impress your being with this word is that by feeling that you are having a desire which is coming towards you and the desire is clean on its way by not resisting any bad force or any energy that will drain you. Feel that you are energetic in attaining your desires and you are not resisting any bad force. This word is truly powerful

All the best and I wish you happiness.

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