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7 Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels While at Work

michael jackson thriller
Before I begin this helpful post, I would like to express my sympathy over the death of Michael Jackson. It must be really hard for his family and fans. He really reached the top after facing so much of obstacles and challenges. May he rest in peace. All right now let us get back to the topic.

Career and work is very important for us and it is impossible for us to stay wake all the time while at work. There would be lots of work and challenges to be faced while at work and some careers are so challenging and tough until they require some hard mental labor. It is advisable for everyone to take some rest for a while and rock the world the next minute. Many failed to be so for they are lacking of energy to perform well at their workplace. Here, now, I am going to share some of my great energy booster tips while at work. Let us rock and roll.

1. Let us do some stretching.It can be the most common advice you can ever get but this was one of the best tip that I got from my uncle on ways to control anger and stress at work. Every time I am down or weak (trust me or not) I will stand and dance like crazy shouting and yelling even without music. I know it really sounds crazy but you do not have to do that. You can perform some light stretching just by sitting on the chair and move your hips and body by breathing deeply. It's helpful hit it once.

2. Stick your favorite affirmations. This can be very helpful if you are used with some powerful affirmations such as I am Power. It can be helpful for some and at the same time nothing for some. For me affirmation usually wont work a lot. What I use is power messages and I will stick them on the wall of my workplace. One of my favorite message is " Ideas will work for you, Only when YOU WORK on THEM ". It really inspires me all the time and I will move my butt immediately.

3. Caffeine is fine. Most of us will be recharged even with few sips of coffee. If it really works for you then go ahead and do not worry about addiction.

4. Your family can help too.
Just a small picture of your family or your loved ones can help you a lot in getting supercharged and boosting your energy level while at work. The key and idea behind this is to remind you of your purpose in life where most of us will hold in our mind that we need to work to support our family. Bring that to your mind and see for yourself the result that you will get. It must be very big energy.

5. Listen to music. For me it works smoothly. I will usually listen to indian flute music and it calms me first then I will have a very good sensation to work. Even I Feel Good by James Brown can shake you up and down. Get the energy while at work by listening to your favorite motivational songs.

6. See the results ahead. See for yourself the end result of your work on the particular task. See ahead the benefit that you can get by completing the task given at work. See in your mind just by sitting on your chair and using your imagination and visualization to see the end. It really works for me. Try it out and get the Energy that you want.

7. Power Word can Boost your ENERGY. Remember in my previous post about Energy? Yes, I have stated about meditating and focusing on the power word Energy. It would be really hard to focus on the word while at work but try to see the word and the meaning by simply giving your attention to the Power Word. You will be able to feel the Energy flowing through your body.

I wish you all the best may the tips and ideas will be helpful for you. Let us get Energized.
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  1. Thank you Michael very helpful tips to boost energy while at work, and one of my favorite is number 5. Great post Michael,



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