Thursday, August 20, 2009

7 Ways To Build Faith Easily and Have Fun Doing IT!

building faith and confidence with funIn my previous post, I discussed about the importance of having faith upon yourself. In this very special post, I will share some ideas and ways to build and maintain Faith easily and have fun doing them. If you never had chance to read my previous post then click here. All right now to make a long story short, there are tonnes of ways to maintain and build faith in life. It depends on the character and personality of a person on how the methods can suit them. If you, reading this post now is a kind of fun addict person, then methods that involves fun will suit you the best. Let me share some of the methods that I use often to build faith easily. Here we go.

1. Praying
There is nothing religious about this. There is science behind this. When we pray for something, we will let go off worries and put Faith upon God. Our mind will be free from doubts and our faith will be strengthened. (Additional Fact- Praying together with your spouse can reduce the chance of getting divorce)

2. Use Affirmations
This is where you will be needing your creative hat to create your own affirmations without the aid of anyone. Yes, I am serious because when you create by yourself, You are creating your reality and not living in other person's dreams. Affirm yourself daily that your faith upon yourself and your goals are getting stronger and stronger.

3. Monitor your successes
There is a big secret behind this. Every time you notice that you are achieving something that you desire even if it is a small thing, you are building faith subconsciously. The moment you decide to observe your small successes, you are opening your mind to attract bigger achievements in life. Start monitoring now. ( It doesn't matter if it is a small success, the important thing is you must be able to see it )

4. Start a success journal
Similar to the previous method, this is quite organized because you are writing down your achievements. There is a way to make it effective. Write down your definite aim and analyze all the small steps that you achieved which can bring you closer to your goal. This will build you faith easily when you do it as a daily task. Try it out. Start ticking out the small steps that you have used.

5. Watch inspirational movies
There are tonnes of movies which can inspire you and show you the meaning of confidence and faith build from scratch. One of my personal favorite movie is The Pursuit of Happyness. This is a great movie that can build confidence in you. Get the DVD now and don't forget your popcorn.

6. Play games with children
No no, I am serious here. Play any games with children and win them easily. There is a reason behind it. When you play with them, you will have the feeling that you will win the game easily. That feeling is called FAITH. Enjoy the feel of it. See how your body reacts when you have that feeling. Have fun winning them easily. ( By the way based from my experience, it is quite hard sometimes to defeat children nowadays....All The Best )

7. Your Own Method Comes Here
If you have any other methods that you think can build and maintain faith easily, please share in comments section. Thanks a lot for sharing.

I Wish You Happiness and Success,

Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand.
Saint Thomas Aquinas
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  1. without doubt, i'm lagging behind writing journals.
    do i have to? :-)

    technically, regarding works ... too much of journals ... published it so other actuarial people can read it ... life? too routine!!! i guess once i start writing it, every line is about the same ... hahaha ... boring.

    anyway, this gives me an idea. i think, i may wanna write up journals regarding song and music developments ... have not seen any formal journals for music just yet but am sure there is one suitable.

    thanks for the posting :-)

  2. Well journal regarding song and music development....hmmm sounds interesting my friend. Wish you all the best and you are welcome...