Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Memory Techniques That Can Help You To Memorize Anything [ALMOST]

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All of us have the same brain capacity and the only difference is the usage of the ultimate tool. If you have a memory problem please be HAPPY for you know that you are having a problem and you can solve it for sure.

There are people out there readily built with alibis blaming hereditary for their memory problem.

It is very easy to memorize almost anything.


All you need is just some simple techniques and a lot of practice.

Here WE GO!

This is a very simply method that can be as easy as chewing food. All you have to do is to separate the information given into tiny little groups and make them easier for you to memorize.

As this method will be easier to be used for long numbers such as telephone number.

I heard you sigh now that you have heard this method over and over again until you are fully sick of it. This is a very popular method that can help you to memorize any information easily.

The use of it and the effectiveness depends upon your imagination. Mnemonics is simply a way of forming new words to memorize a long sentence or a list with the first alphabet. For an example,

This can be a kid's way of memorizing list of things. The idea is to create alternate word to memorize the subject which can be quite fun to do. It is all depending on the end or beginning sound of the word.

For an example, if you wish to memorize one object which is a car, the way to use it is by finding the sound of ONE which can be compared to BUN and imagine as the car is wholly made of BUNS! Can you forget that?


Nothing can stop Human from learning and growing.

Based from my very own experience, memory can be improved easily.

Wish you Happiness and Love
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