Thursday, May 12, 2011

How to Change Failure into Success ?

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Knowledge is power and what constitutes REAL POWER is the ability to change failures into success. The ability to use whatever life can throw upon you and take it for your growth is vital for survival.

Human is naturally good at one thing, survival. No matter how stiff the condition is, human have the power and ability to utilize whatever resources and also develop the required skills for survival.

Seem to be that survival is the ultimate mission, the human mind will always find ways to turn obstacles into miracles, challenges into opportunities and brick walls into stepping stones.

This where the ability to change failure into success is formed.

1. Identify what is the problem that is holding YOU
The problems, failures or the obstacles that is being faced or that have been faced must be defined clearly.

2. Analyze YOUR current situation
Deep analysis must be made to ensure the period or the duration of the problem that is being faced. How long the problem have been holding YOU and YOUR growth must be the important analysis.

3. What is the GOAL or the AIM that must be reached?
Now set a well defined
goal or a target to be achieved which will help YOU to solve the problem or the failures that you have met.

4. What are the resources that YOU have to turn these failures into success?
This is the reason why you must LOVE Failures because they will help you to identify and recognize what you must achieve.

5. Never ever take ACTION!
Please, I am serious here, never ever take any sort of ACTIONS if you want to be a LOSER and NINNY HAMMER!

Come on wake up!
The idea is simple. When you understand the failure that you have met and what you have to achieve definitely, nothing can stop you but only you yourself.



Let's Blow IT UP!

Wish you Happiness and Love

p.s. 99% of my readers will not take any actions but I am proud of the 1% of the readers....GOOD LUCK!
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