Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why You Cannot Achieve Your Goals If You Are Desperate?

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Setting Goals can be a challenging task but achieving it can be even tougher especially when you are facing tonnes of rejections, obstacles, negative feedback and even your very own tiny little voice from your head asking you to quit. The mind that is really strong in a sense of focus and concentration will be able to face or go through anything in order to achieve what the heart or the mind desires. The idea is simple. How strong is your desire to attain the goals that you have set? If you have no doubts in answering YES then Congratulations my friend for you are way too near to attain whatever that you seek. When you are in doubt or thinking quite longer to answer it shows that you are nearing disaster. Sorry to say that but that is the truth. Therefore, many would be DESPERATE in achieving what they want but ending up losing everything and getting nothing. Being desperate in anything will not help you actually unless you are really sure that the ideal or the object is yours. Anyhow I have something interesting to share with you which might open your mind [ I HOPE SO].

Recently I received a question from one of my favorite reader Jessica.
She set a goal of getting in a Healthy Relationship by a period of time and she was complaining that nothing seem to be working out.

Here it goes.

Hi Michael,

I am Jessica and I am having a serious problem here with a hope I came to you after reading your blog post about goal setting in MySweetLuck based from Bruce Lee's method. I really followed the way that you shared Michael but seriously I cannot attain the goal of mine to be in a healthy relationship. I have set a timeline too but I cant get it at all. Nothing seem to be working. I am getting desperate to achieve what I want but seriously I am losing all the time. What is my problem actually Michael? How can I solve it? or is it I am doing anything wrong?
It is TIME to Face the BRUTAL FACT!

The concept is simple. You can never attain Happiness or Success if you are desperate. Seriously because based from my very own experience you can never ever ever never ever never attain what you want if you are desiring it desperately.

Now What is the Meaning of Desperate?

Having an urgent need or desire is called DESPERATE. The idea can be useful for some but generally it wont be a lasting success due to the fact and act that will lead you in an insecure way of attaining your goals.

Why Being Desperate Cannot Help You?

Being desperate in anything will not help you to attain what you want because it is an emotion in a sense of urgency with a strong fear backed up with a doubt that you cannot have that particular object or achieve that goal if you do not rush. Well Just open your mind and realize the fact as The Master from The Message of the Master said that if an object or a goal is there for you to be achieved then why the BLEEP you have to feel desperate for it?

Being Desperate Will Create More Doubts

Being desperate will not only stop you but create ore doubts fro you to stop achieving what you truly want. It will kill off your desire slowly with so much of failures consistently.

Being Desperate Will Drain Your Forces and Energy

It will drink off your energy and will give you nothing because what you must have is the serious Concentration and Passion not Desperation!

Being Desperate Will Lead You to Wrong Track

Remember that your purpose here is to attain what you truly desire and achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. It can be anything but not something that would harm someone else. Your intentions and goals must be serving all and never should be hurting others in a sense of mental and also physical. Lead in a positive track that lead to your goal not shortcuts.

Remember that Whatever the Human Mind CAN CONCEIVE AND BELIEVE IT CAN BE ACHIEVED. There is no limitations except that the one that you set for yourself. Good Luck.

Wish you Happiness and Love,
p.s I am happy that I have helped you JESSICA.....Good Luck. By the way personally I have sent her an email to help her solve the problem and she is in a healthy relationship now.
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