Friday, February 17, 2012

Be The Change When You Cannot Change Others

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The finest thing to be expected in any relationship is nothing.

Rather than expecting something learn to accept things in a relationship. Your life will be magnificent for there will be more love than frustration.

The first thing that we would do to overcome a problem in a relationship is by changing others. This process will end up ruining the bond no matter how many years it have been strengthen will eventually find its way out.

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The only way to solve any problems or arguments is by

Being the Change rather than Expecting a Change

Now changing your approach towards a person may change the whole scenario where the expected outcome would be a peaceful relationship. The best way to win an argument is by avoiding one. Do not feel that you are losing always.....

Sometimes losing in a relationship will help you to win it for the long run.

After all life is like a marathon where without mutual support, the finishing line cannot be reached.

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When you are facing a problem in any relationship....please do understand that you do have a choice.

The choice can either lift you both or break each other. The decision will have to be made by you. The best thing to do is to consult with your inner mind and accept things as how they are.

Now you may ask the question:

How Long You want me to Keep on Accepting?

My answer is this.....

Keep on accepting until you are overflown with it. When you begin to accept you are beginning to love.

Love is the power as it is the same as the Law of Attraction, The Law of Love will lift your relationship from graveyard to a fine resort!

No matter what relationship that you are having trouble in.....You do have the power to change it by Changing Yourselves......

Be The Change!

Wish You Happiness and Love,
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