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Top 10 Reasons Why You Still Cannot ATTAIN SUCCESS

You, me and every single person on Earth have an ultimate purpose to be fulfilled. Some have realized it and actualized their Vision before their last breath but the majority of the people failed to do so and lost the track indulging in activities that serves no one beneficially. At a point there will be a time where the Human Mind will begin to open it's third EYE that can lead to enlightenment and eventually form a goal or a task that must be fulfilled. There will be a sense of purpose to wake up daily and perform the task. The goal maybe higher or very easy and achievable but it depends upon the character of the person that will decide the period of time taken to achieve. Will the road and pathway towards the goal will be easier? No Obstacles? Yes it will but still there will be a minor group of people willing to face it. At last there will be a certain group of people wondering no matter how many times they do something but all they are getting back is more and more failures. Why the Law is not working for them? Why particularly YOU CANNOT ATTAIN SUCCESS YET? There are several reasons to be exact TOP 10 reasons.

Here WE GO!


You may have set some definite goals in your life and also have used Vision Boards to fuel you more but you cannot attain success if you have the habit of procrastinating. This is a killer habit that can make you be nothing in LIFE. It is one of the worst habit that can stop you from getting you to the place that you were born to be. Kill off this habit and you are 70% near your goal.

2. You are a RICH PERSON........with ALIBIS!

You may not be good in everything maybe at one giving out silly or petty reasons from performing your duty or task. This type of person is quite common where they would be able to complain nearly about anything except themselves. They feel that they are the only person on Earth doing things right except others. Throw away that part of yourself and live a better life.

3. You do not have a strong PURPOSE

It can be this common problem for many where they will not be able to attain their goals or success in life because they are not having a strong desire or a concrete purpose to attain their goals. It is very important to have a good sense of purpose behind achieving any goals in Life so that the Conscious Mind can be whipped always with the purpose to stay on track of achieving the Goal.


Yes it is true that many of my readers do complain that they do not know how to set proper goals. For that, I have helped many of them and they realized their track towards achieving their goals. Even Bruce Lee can Teach on Goal Settings seriously. Your goal must be well defined and SPECIFIC. It must have simple details but short one that your mind can understand easily. The PURPOSE of the goal must be mentioned and most importantly you must mention what you intend to give in return of achieving the goal. TIMELINE is the ultimate tool that will strengthen the goal and make sure that it is ACHIEVABLE.


Some of my readers complain that they do not have a conducive environment that will aid them towards success and they do not understand that the environment is there as it is for them to strive harder and achieve something better. Remember that Apple was founded in a garage and Bill Gates was a dropout.

6. You have a lot of FEARS and really AFRAID OF IT

Fears are actually gears for you that will help you to get closer to your goals. All you have to do is act in spite of fear and realize the fact that most successful people on earth are fearful but fearless people.

7. You are afraid to take RISK

Risk is like a Luck factor where you must take it at the right time and seize the opportunity while it stands right in front of your eyes. When you close it, you Lose it! Try to read some stories of successful people and realize the fact that they took great RISKS along their way towards their GOAL.

8. You are changing your GOALS FREQUENTLY

There is nothing wrong in altering your goals but it is very important to minimize the changes but increase the actions taken to attain them. Try to reduce the changes that you make to your goals because when you keep on changing them your mind will get confused where you will not get anything.

9. You are losing the GRIP on your DREAMS

You must be able to hold on to your dreams strong and tight enough. Do not let anything bad or negative to entertain you or your mind and discourage you from attaining success. Remember that you are so strong that nothing can disturb your mind from attaining what you were meant to achieve.

10. Any REASON that you believe to be STOPPING YOU

Your ideas and comments are welcomed here at MySweetLuck where you are open to share anything that you believe to be stopping you from attaining success.

Wish you Happiness and Love,


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