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10 Ways to Stay Healthy During The RECESSION

a very healthy women doing yoga
Whether recession is hitting you and your career badly or not, it is affecting your health drastically without your awareness. The more you are worried about the economy and stressed out over the condition the greater will be the affect to your healthy body. Therefore, it is not possible for you to control the recession, I know you will be wishing for it but you can control something else, it's your lifestyle.

Your change in lifestyle positively can bring good health condition. Let us go through some of the ways to live healthily and happily during recession.

1.Meditation can kill your stress. When I said meditation please do not think hard of it. I am not advising you to take hourly classes (it is good actually) but you can sit in your room silently, focusing on happiness just for 15 minutes. Try to avoid unnecessary things while meditating.

2.Start exercising right now. Start to move your body right now. There are many possible chances of falling sick and getting diseases if you never exercise at least for 10 minutes. Just doing some light exercise while at work can help you a lot. Try to do jogging at least for 10 minutes. You do not have to push yourself harder but you do some light push ups. Try it out.

3. Self development can help you a lot. This is the time where you must stay focused with positive and encouraging thoughts. Read a lot of self development books and personal growth knowledge can help you a lot. Surf the web for more personal development articles. You can subscribe for my blog updates through RSS or Email subscription.

4. Be a member of any laughing clubs near your living place. Laughter is the best medicine. Every time you laugh you are giving off positive energy. The more you give the more you shall receive. Every time you are giving out happiness through laughter, you will get more of it. Join right now and if there is no such club near your place start now in your family or at your workplace.

5. Sweat it off at gym. Be a member of any gymnasium and try to get as fit as you can. It can be so much of fun rather than spending time in clubs. Remember not to push yourself hard. Light workouts would be fine.

6. Time to learn how to cook. If you have been spending dimes and time to eat fast foods then this is the right time for you to learn how to cooking. Cooking is healthy and fun. The more you cut on fast foods, the more you can stay long on this earth. You know the facts well.

7. Get along with your friends. Spend some holidays or your spare time with you friends. Have a lot of fun with them which brings happiness to your life. This would be another source for your mental health. Your mental health affects your physical therefore, learn to stay healthy by doing the things that you love to do.

8. Love your family. Giving love is magnificent. This is what human beings give without any expectation. Give and show love excitingly. Spend your Sundays with your family. See health and Love in every one's eyes. Share your thoughts about health with your spouse and tell how much you love them. Sharing is caring....Share your Love.

9. Do what you love. Do whatever things that you really wished to do even in your childhood. Simple things can bring lots of changes. Staying happy is very important to maintain your health. Start your list now. Enjoy.

10. Last but not least, Love yourself. Love yourself more than anything else. Love yourself for all the successes and failures that you faced in your life. Feel happy and lucky for the relationship and friends that you have. The best gift that you ever got in your life....see in the mirror you would know the answer.

Live and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Wish you happiness and health.

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  1. plan your daily activities and have a journal and write all your aspirations... this helps you keep on track.

  2. Yeah that's a good one Jill...thanks for the suggestion...

  3. Nutritional Cleansing rids your body of impurities, so you can lose weight, and get your body running more efficiently. When your body is operating at a healthier level, you're more adaptable to stresses that bombard you every day. (I'm not talking colon cleansing here (Yuk) but whole body, cellular cleansing.

  4. That seems to be a very good suggestion...Thank you for sharing..

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