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Discover How You Can Buy Happiness With Money

baby very happy with money
There are many things happening in this world and no matter what happens the purpose of human being stays same forever. It is the need for happiness. Whatever we do we are looking for our personal satisfaction whereby it is happiness.

Why Buy Happiness With Money
There is only one and definite reason. We can buy anything that we want in this world with sufficient amount of money but why you want to buy happiness. Whether there is a lack of food or not there are people lacking of happiness in their lives. I personally believe that happiness is very important for every human beings because whenever we are happy we will project positive thoughts and will take positive actions thus our life will be harmonious.

Is It True We Can Buy Happiness With Money?
Yes, It is TRUE. The idea and the concept is very simple. There are many things that we want in this world so as I said earlier happiness is one of the need that human look for without his awareness. It is something so special that gives good feelings to us. Therefore, whenever we buy something that we always wanted we can see the change in our emotion. We will be so much happier. You can notice this by examining a small kid. You definitely can notice this if you are with any kids and spending time with them. What you can see when you go out with them is they will ask for some toys or food. When you say they cannot have it, they will have so much of anger sometimes sad and really depressed for not having them. The moment you get for them what they want. Their emotion will change to the opposite. They will be so much happier and excited. The same applies for all of us. Therefore it is true that we can buy happiness with money.

How We Can Buy Happiness With Money ?
There is one little known way for us to implement this idea in our lives. The way is easy but we just have to work on it because ideas will work for us only when we work on them. The easiest way is to buy what you really want. Alright do not get angry. I know this is what all of us are trying to do in our lives. The way is to devote your self completely on making money to buy what you want so that you can fulfill your needs and purposes. What you can do now is to get a list of items or whatever you want to do with money that gives you happiness and write it down. Go through the list and see what is the most important for you at the present moment. Then, you take a picture of it or if it is an investment just write down in a very big letters than place it wherever your eyes will meet most. There is a reason behind this. It is done to whip your mind from taking action constantly to work on your dreams and desires. Remember that I am repeating again and again that ideas will work for you only when you work on them. This is a truth that you must hold in your mind forever in your life.

Remember That We Cannot Buy Everything With Money
This is an infallible truth and I agree to it with my whole heart. There are some things that we cannot buy in this world. It is called love. Many will say yes you can for they have some personal views on it but for me it is really hard because personally I believe that love is something that we must give to receive and trust me there is another source of happiness besides money. Again it is called LOVE. It is something magnificent and powerful that can generate massive amounts of happiness.

As a conclusion...
Remember that happiness is a state of mind. Buying happiness with money is just one of the way to induce your mind for happiness. There are many ways to fulfill yourself to be happy and contended with your life but there is only one person on earth who can identify your needs and purposes, it's you only YOU. Therefore, make your life easy and simple so that you can get happy easily for happiness is what human need more during the recession besides money.

Wish you Happiness and Love,

What are your views about money and happiness. Do you have both of them in your life? What are the techniques that you are using to attain them? Please share in comments. Thank You.


  1. What are your views about discovering happiness through money? Do you agree to that or do you have any other different views? Please share..


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