Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What BATMAN Can Teach You About Time Management? [ SERIOUSLY ]

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Seriously time is a very critical matter that does not wait for us but we have to chase after. It is a very important aspect that must be used in a way that would serve beneficially. The moment you are reading this blog posting, you are spending your precious time to learn knowledge that would be helping you to improve your life drastically.

Do Not ask Me Who is Batman please

Now from where do Batman in Gotham City comes in aid to teach about time management. Batman is a DC Comics character that is one of the most successful superhero comic character which is now being adapted into movies as well. The character can be a very mysterious, serious, heroic and even masculine but what about time management?

But Batman and Time Management?

Here we go,

Batman or Bruce Wayne is a billionaire industrialist in Gotham City with the empire called Wayne Industries.

The finest aspect in Batman that I learned personally is that there is an efficient time management quality in that character.

Bruce Wayne during the day will be focusing upon his business and the industry while also prepare himself to collect any information for crime prevention.

At night, the billionaire industrialist will become superhero where he fights the crime.

The efficient time management allows The Batman to be more focused upon his work where there will be full dedication and energy flowing upon the task that must be accomplished.

What we can learn from Batman about Effective Time Management?

- Split your working hours according to the need and purpose

- Set priorities as you should know what is important and what comes first

- Split the job or look for someone whom can aid you in solving the problem in a short time [ this is where ROBIN comes ]

- use gadgets, applications, technology and utilize them to cut cost and time

- seek for advice from experts whom have accomplished the task before [ The Commissioner, remember?]

- remember that a strict discipline is required to manage time efficiently and do not procrastinate [ BATMAN has no HOLIDAY]

Time is way too precious and I thank you for spending your precious time reading this post.

Wish you Happiness and Love,

p.s. Besides Time Management, What Else Do You Think Batman Can Teach?
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