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7 Healthy Habits That Can Add Extra Years To Your Life

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It is true that there are some secrets to live life longer and enjoy it. Many are unaware of healthy lifestyles and healthy habits that can add extra years to their life. Even you reading this post also might not be aware of the secrets to longevity. Today I will share some of the main healthy habits that you can start to adopt in life to live longer. Here We Go.

1. Never ever skip your meals
This is very important if you want to stay healthy and young forever. There are some main reasons for you to adopt this habit. Research shows that one of the main reason for people to have cancer is because of skipping their meals. This will be able to cause great harm to us. We are earning money for one of the purpose whereby to eat. So, there is nothing wrong in giving importance to that. Next time set alarm for you to eat at time. Please. For me...

2. Fall and stay in love
This is something wonderful to do. Anyone can adopt to this habit easily if you are willing to. Love is something wonderful and magnificent. This is where we are gifted to give and share love with others. Show your love and care for your family if you are not ready to fall for someone and if you are a lucky person whom just got married then I wish to congratulate you for you are on the right track. Just pour out your love to your spouse without any expectation. You can see the results that it gives to your amazing body. You will be replenished because of Love. Fall Now...

3. Start exercising right away
Please spend some time on exercising. There is nothing wrong to sweat it off at gym or any parks. The choice of exercises can vary for different people but remember the purpose of exercising is to maintain a healthy body. Hold that in your mind and sweat it off. At least jogging for 15 minutes a day would do a lot of good to your mind and also your body.

4. Take as much fruits and vegetables you can
Eat as much fruits and vegetables that you can. Try to drink lots of fruit juices. There are many miracles these nature's gifts capable to provide to your body. At least try to consume two fruits a day. The reason behind this is many fruits and vegetables such as strawberries are rich in antioxidants which has the property of fighting cancer. Even some research shows that eating fruits daily can make your face look younger. Give it a BITE!

5. Pursue your dreams and desires
Build a dream in your mind and pursue it. This is so special because people who has goals and purpose in life can stay longer and healthier in this world. The one who is wandering around without any goals and purposes in life will be ended being struck by disaster. Besides that staying focused on goals and desires helps someone to be mentally stronger and stable. They will be able to take decisions easily that allies to their desires and move on with their life to reach the top. This can be seen from many successful entrepreneurs who never stop building and achieving goals. Discover yours right now.

6. Laugh and smile as much as you can
To how many people you smile today? To how many people you shared your joke today? Did you made anyone to laugh like a small baby? How about you? How many times you smiled and laughed today? Start thinking about the questions that I asked just now. Please try to adopt this habit in your life. At least try to make a goal of making 5 people smile and also you to laugh today. There is a very good reason behind it. Laughter is the best medicine because it helps you to express positive energy and let it out as a state of mind called happiness. This is what everyone is seeking in this world. Learn to smile and laugh. It can change your life.

7. Learn to love yourself

How many of us are in love with ourselves? How many of us are doing what the heart desires? How many of you are tapping your back now for you answered 'YES I am' for the previous questions? Not many actually. Learn to Love yourself my friend. Love yourself means try to full fill your needs and nurture your self with good thoughts. Feel happy that you are having a great body, a very happy family and a very good friends. Feel happy for yourself for you are breathing each and every moment passionately with Love. Breath in Love and breath out Happiness. Loving yourself is the most easiest and the greatest thing that you could ever do for yourself.

I wish you a Long Life and Happiness,

What are your ideas about healthy habits that can add extra years to your life? Do you have any healthy habits that you are willing to share? Please share in comments if I missed out any good healthy habits that can add extra years of life. Thank You


  1. Share your views about Healthy Habits that can add extra years of life. What are your suggestions?

  2. Can't forget about caloric restriction.


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