Monday, June 6, 2011

I am Ignorant of Disease. How About You ?

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We can never learn the power of ignorance unless we apply them. Well that truly sounds crazy because I am encouraging you to be ignorance. Seriously, I am making real thoughts here for you to open your eyes and read my words. This can be something new or something that you have already expected from me. Anyhow it is my duty to share my thoughts.

One of my reader asked me about the concept of ignorance relating it with health.

This is a whole new concept for many people but trust me, many people are applying this even without their realization. The truth is that, people are so busy with their lives that they do not have time to concentrate on what they want or what they must have in live.

Happiness, Health, Wealth are the three most important gifts and treasure that must be kept safely. It has the tendency to grow if we nurture it properly. One of the way to nurture your mind and body to be healthy is by being IGNORANCE.

Being Ignorant of disease, poor health and sickness will make you and your mind to be a lot more healthy which will allow you to attract other great treasures of life as what Ralph Waldo Emerson said ' Health is the GREATEST WEALTH'

The only way to be ignorant of sickness and disease is by focusing on what you want. The way to attract anything in your life through the Law of Attraction is by giving energy, focus and attention towards the object or things that we want not on things that we want to avoid for the mind cannot differentiate the resisting words but only can read the subject.

Therefore, make a promise to yourself that this second onwards you will be speaking about positive and good things to any person that you meet.

Promise yourself that you will talk about Health, Wealth and Happiness to every single being that you meet.

Radiate positive energy to all by speaking positive and powerful words which will permeate into others and will give you more of it.

Be Ignorance

Be Ignorance of Sickness

Wish you Happiness and Love,
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