Thursday, June 2, 2011

How by Being an Ignorant Person Can Kill You Fast?

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Being a Ninny Hammer is not a gift but a sin. It is purely a sin because when you are being a foolish and ignorant person, you are not living your life to the fullest. When a person is not being able to live his or her life fully in a way that would fulfill their life purpose or soul, that person is dead. There are no benefits in being a foolish person except in certain aspects but generally it does not serve anyone.

The key to life is to live it in a way that would fulfill the real purpose of why we are here. Many was not able to find in until they reach their dead bed but the luckiest one not really got lucky but they worked hard to attain that level which helped them to realize their purpose.

The idea is simple. When you do whatever tasks that have been given to you and you are moving at a bullet train speed, you will be very near and close to your purpose and true passion.

Generally, by being an ignorant person, it really can kill you fast. There are several reasons.

1. You Will Not Be able to See the Wall In Front Of You!

No matter how hard you try, by being an ignorant person you will be good at one thing, which is to ignore the great wall which is right in front of you and will keep on get knocked wondering who put the wall?

The wall is simply the problems, flaws, risks, and also negativities. When you let the wall to stop you what will happen is that you will begin to blame life and will stay here forever with an idea that everything is working against you. The moment you begin to give up, you will give up on Health and will let diseases to clog your brain then your body.

2. You Will Easily Accept Failures

Ignorant person will be good at one thing, which is to accept defeat. Life is like a beach where when you sit and watch the beauty and when the waves hit you harder you will blame it. There will be at times where tsunamis will hit even harder. Still you will give up because you are being an ignorant person and of course get ready to be wet.

When you are being faced with setback, analyze he situation. DO NOT LET IT TO OVERTAKE YOU! You have power over yourselves not others or circumstances. Take charge over your lives and learn to turn failures into success. When you are not doing it, you are ready to go away as a LOSER!

3. You Will Attract and Accept Negative Energy into your Life

You will be good at one thing when you are being ignorant, where you will attract negative people or energy drainers whom will take off your energy giving you diseases and bad thoughts. These people will easily find you because you will be attractive to their eyes whom will listen to their craps and nuts and bolts. Worse thing is when you are indirectly letting their thoughts and messages to reach your subconscious mind and lead you to the next world.

You can be WHAT you WILL to BE.

Choose to be a Winner.

Wish you Happiness and Love,
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