Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Read The Message of a Master ? [ 3 Steps to get the BEST OUT OF IT ]

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Reading The Message of a Master may be an easy task for us. This is because the book is too simple as it contains only 15 chapters that is within 32 pages. You can download The Message of a Master in pdf format here. The book may appear simple but the knowledge that it contains can bring wonders in your life if you know the way and the right method to read it. Do not simply read the book as your way of fulfilling your leisure time but read it with an idea in your mind.

The way to read The Message of a Master varies for each individuals but here at MySweetLuck, I will share the way or the method that I used to get the most out of it. Reading it simply may not help but reading it between the lines, can show you the way of the universe. The method can be summed up under three steps.

1. Get a notepad beside you

It is very important for you to keep aside a very simple notepad that suits your way of writing as some of my readers may type it. The purpose of having a notepad is to prepare yourself mentally that you are going to write down any ideas that comes to your mind either a solution to your problem or a way for you to reach the place that you want regardless of who you are and where you are right now.

There are certain things that you must consider before preparing the notepad as I have mentioned in my previous posts the things that you must avoid before, during and after reading The Message of a Master.

2. Read it with a purpose

You must understand the reason why you are reading this book. The book can bring a lot of difference in your life only if you understand the reason why you are reading it. It is a guideline for you to achieve anything in your life as long as you direct your mind with a purpose of reading the book. Write in the notepad as big as you can your purpose of reading The Message of a Master. See it often before, during and after reading the book. This will direct your mind to recognize, relate and assimilate the facts or the ideas that have been presented by The Master to align with your purpose.

Continue reading the book after reading aloud your purpose of reading the book. Some of my readers stated that their purpose of reading The Message of a Master was to find their purpose and it really helped them well.

3. Read The Message of a Master 3 times

Read the book three times but in three different ways.

First time readers, read it as a way of understanding what is it about in a whole picture within your mind. Read it as you go through some ideas will pass your mind, write them down and continue reading even if it take some days.

Second time reading would be different where you will have to highlight the words that may imply a signal or an idea relevant to you. You may find the meaning of the words that you do not understand especially the power words which can be quite difficult.

Third time, read between the lines with sufficient amount of concentration. Trust me, you could feel the changes and see the difference. The break between the methods of reading this book should not be more than one day as you must proceed progressively every day without a break.

Concentration is power.

Good Luck
May you attain what you seek.

Wish you Happiness and Love,

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