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Knowledge and Wisdom can be attained from anyone or from any sources. They may look so unique or disguise themselves that you have to open your mind's eye to see them. As the knowledge gained after the realization of the TRUTH of it's origins, the Learner must be humble and diligent in applying it by not forgetting the source and feeling grateful for it. The ultimate truth that every being wants to find out is the source of HAPPINESS. They always will be looking at external sources and they outlook the ultimate TRUTH that HAPPINESS is from WITHIN. It has its ultimate origin. Happiness is merely in doing and being not in having. You may feel that you will be happy when you buy a brand new car. Your happiness is not attached to the car, it is inside of you but only that the ownership of the car unlocks the happiness inside of you.

Babies are great examples to look after in order to have supreme realization about HAPPINESS. They are so unique and adorable in a sense that you can always expect a positive vibrations from them. Trust me or not, you will instantly begin to smile whenever you look at a BABY. they have the power to generate happiness and love naturally. They are always equipped with tonnes of reasons to smile. What makes them to smile and be happy all the day long while we the adults really making big issues even to give a small smile to our family and friends? The answer would be very natural.


A scientific discovery have been made that a baby smiles 400 times a day and an average adolescence smiles only 17 times a day. That is a huge difference.

What is the TRUTH?

Therefore, it is a natural gift for human to be happy, smile, to be friendly and even to be passionate about something. As we grow older and older we failed to utilize this great tool and never nourish its proper use. First of all we are not using it at all due to the focus and attention that is being poured to the problems being faced in life.

What BABIES Can Teach You About HAPPINESS ?

Seriously, it is time for you to take a camera and record the conversation or the act with a baby to find out how they can be happy while you are not.

The idea and the concept is simple, babies are the real part of the HUMAN.They reflect what we are meant to be. Alright now I can hear your alibis that it is really foolish to smile while you are into a deep problem. Of course you are right but still try to open your mind and adopt to this changes in learning from the baby.

Here we go.

1. Babies are living in the moment

Now try to understand that we are naturally born to adapt to the changes. This is how babies are being able to live at the moment and can smile for more than 400 times a day. they do not have any worries over their past or afraid of their future. All that they know is that if they live their life happily now to the fullest there will be more time for them in the future to be even happier.

2. Babies are fast learners

They do have this capability of learning anything fast. When a thing is not working properly they will move on to the next or figure out ways to solve it. This is curiosity but how it helps for happiness? It is where the babies give us a great insight to LET GO WHAT WE NO LONGER NEED AND ACCEPT WHAT WE NEED. That is the SECRET!

3. Babies tend to forget and forgive easily

Trust me that there are no babies in this world that would keep anger and hatred deep within their heart and grow old to take revenge on that person. It is an infallible truth that babies are so good in forgetting things and forgiving people or anything that makes them to feel bad. We are not like that as we keep everything within our heart and never let it go until the sadness , revenge, hatred, anger and all negativity fills it instead of happiness.

The secret is simple,

Learn to let go and live for the moment

Have you ever smiled at yourself when you wake up in the morning?

Well try to bring a baby near mirror and you can see miracle where THE BABY WILL SMILE UPON IT'S REFLECTION!

Learn from a baby and be happy,

Wish you HAPPINESS and LOVE,

p.s. It's time to babysit now. LOL! Good luck.
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