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7 Greatest People Who Can Be Your Role Model or Mentor for YOU [CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE]

At a point in life, you will begin to think that you need some guidance regardless of anything. It is the moment where great realization and truth can be achieved through a series of actions that will be taken. Some will be looking for answers from their role models and mentors which can be the ultimate way of solving any problems.


Well it is not WHAT but WHO!

Mentor is a person who can be your guidance, a teacher, senior or a person who have done something that you intend to achieve. They have produced the results and they can be the right person to be looked after for solutions. Role models and mentors are simply a person that you intend to follow their foot steps to produce the same results that have been produced by them successfully. If you have asked yourself who is the greatest person in history? Who is the right person to be a business role model or mentor? I just want to say that you are welcome.

When it comes to business goals and success, I have personally listed some of the greatest people who can be a very good mentor or role model that we can refer to their actions and the way of their thinking. The idea is very simple. They have already made it to the top after failing countless times. Now by following their methods, it can help us to save a lot of time and shorten the route for success.

Here we go!


Bill Gates smiling
Now there's nothing more I have to say about this amazing person. He was the wealthiest person on earth from the time period of 1995 to 2007 and again on 2009. His story is pretty amazing where his parents actually thought of a law career for him but his interest was towards programming. The most interesting part is that he was a drop out when he founded his company Microsoft. He was an ordinary student with no definite plans but he was the one who saw the power of software when the Altair computer was released. From being a nerd he became a billionaire and now heading towards a philanthropic journey.


Richard Branson
He is one of my personal favorite person for business success. It is simply amazing to realize the fact that a dyslexic student was able to fight his weaknesses and use it as a tool to come out with a magazine called STUDENT and made it to be a successful seller at a mere age of 17.

The most fascinating skill that I like about Richard Branson is that he has this capability of focusing on new trends and take risks that would stop many people from doing it. The ultimate tag line that pushes him forward which was given by his mom is that Live you LIFE to the FULLEST.

That is the only thing that was driving him farther and forward towards space which is his newest venture Virgin Galactic, a space tourism. As I said earlier he is the one willing to take the risk although no one have tried it before.


Henry Ford
When someone ask me to name a man of power, my immediate answer would be Henry Ford. He is the most powerful man I have ever heard in my life. Wish he was still alive to revolutionize the automobile industry farther. He is truly an amazing person and a best friend of Thomas Alva Edison. The force that was driving Henry Ford towards success is the Positive Mental Attitude. He will not give up easily and will work on the project until he accomplishes. This is a very important trait that must be followed by us. The impossible V8 engine was made possible by his persistence and will power.


Steve JobsThe man behind Apple for now, before and always have been passionate about his company which was founded by him and his partner Steve Wozniak in a garage. He can be a great mentor from the aspects of charismatic leadership where he revived back Apple after getting fired and made a return or comeback that changed the company completely. Now with the Iphone and Ipad he has made Apple to be at the top. He is a very spiritual person and his philosophy revolves around the idea of making a dent in the universe.


Michael DellAnother dropout we have here, who have changed the way we buy computers and laptops. As for now he is one of the world's richest person at the ranking of 44. This billionaire was an entrepreneur at a very young age and he was introduced with APPLE II at the age of 15 that changed his life completely. For more inventive and entrepreneurship skills, he can be the right mentor.


Donald Trump The Apprentice You are FIREDA business magnate, author, celebrity, real estate developer and you name it all. He is an one man army with his guts and courage that can inspire anyone easily. He was inspired to follow the foot steps of his father and was working with his father even when he was in college. You are FIRED! would be his famous tag line and the show APPRENTICE became a big hit. The knowledge that you can learn from Donald Trump is the persuasion skills, real estate development and the courage to come back after a deep fall.


Ray Kroc McDonaldsUnlike other billionaires and famous college dropouts, Ray Kroc is a high school dropout who turned out to be a great businessperson. At the early age, he was an ambulance driver, a friend of Walt Disney, pianist, jazz musician, paper-cup salesman, band member, worked at radio station and even milkshake machine salesman. His life story itself can inspire countless of people especially the way he changed the business of McDonald's after getting the rights over them from the brothers. Most importantly, he is a real estate developer too where he rented the land for the franchisees in order to generate more cash flow.

Without a great mentor and role model, it is difficult to achieve a task or a goal because these people can help us to cut our failure rate and shorten the route for success.

Choose them wisely for they are not many people but can impact many of us.

Wish you Happiness and Love,


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